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Day Passes and Resort Entrance Costs – Cap d’Agde

Day visitors

Many people have been asking about the costs and the situation with regards to entering the resort as day visitors and as someone staying inside the resort. Below I have tried to answer the most common questions. **Please note though that these are the answers to the best of my knowledge. For the very latest and exact information you will need to talk to the front office at the resort entrance. Information can change at short notice**. Below common questions and the answers given on our partner Yahoo group:

1. I’m staying in one of the hotels inside the resort in July. Is it necessary or advised for me to get an FFN card prior to my visit or will I not need one? 

If you are a couple and have booked a place to stay in the village, you won’t need this card. Only people who are staying in the actual campsite definitely need an FFN card.

2. I am staying in the camp site area. Do I need an FFN card? 

Well, you will need a membership for a national naturist organisation whether it be an FFN (French Federation Naturist) card or a German or British equivalent. If you have a reservation for the camp site, you can purchase this card on check-in though! It costs roughly EUR15 each.

3. We will be visiting the resort in August and staying in Port Nature? Are gate pass required for people staying inside the village Naturiste?

Yes, you will need a weekly gate pass which you can get at the office next to the entrance gate.

4. We are in Cap D’Agde next week, staying in a hotel just outside the village. We plan to buy a 7-day couples pass but would like to use the beach during the day then go back to our hotel to change and re-enter the village for the night life. I understand entry must be before 8pm. Is this possible or is the pass only valid for one entry per day?
You can get a weekly pass and use it any time, but if you exit the village twice, you have to wait an hour to get back in the 2nd time, that’s all. The 8pm restriction is for daily passes, as far as I am aware.

5. What are the vehicle entrance costs?

Car entrance costs Agde

Vehicle entry costs per day and according to number of passengers

6. I am travelling from Australia and I am a single traveller. Do I need to have a Naturist Association membership card to enter the main naturist beach? I am staying some where outside so I have to enter the beach with a day pass. 

First Reply: I would definitely get one if I were you. Better to be safe than sorry. BUT you are only meant to need a Naturist Association card if you’re going to stay within the camp site. Elsewhere in the village, you just need an entry card which you can purchase at the entry gate when you get here. Last year though the front office seems to sometimes demand that single travellers had an FFN Card. This seemed to happy directly after the terrorist incident in south France and was thus a response to this to improve security.

Second reply: Yesterday I was refused entry as a day visitor with car! It is my 4th visit in 8 weeks to the naturist village. Previous visits were a pre- booked accommodation and 6 day visits. My most recent day visit was 2 weeks ago.
I have never encountered any problem as a day visitor before, just show my passport and pay the 18 Euros for entry and car. Yesterday I was told that I could only be allowed in if I held the French Naturist Card! Never needed one before and they told me it was new policy so I asked to buy one only to be told by reception that they do not sell them and that I must get it from the internet. I told them I would go to Oltra reception to buy one and so they gave me 1 hours entrance to visit Oltra. I queued at Oltra 30 mins and Oltra told me they would only sell me one if I had an Oltra booking ! They also told me that the card gets sent to your home address anyway (I live in London). I went back to village reception, explained and they were adamant that they could not let me in ( even though I had my passport). They said sorry they could not offer any solution. So, it seems that day visitors can no longer access the village if they do not have a French Naturally Naturist Card, as a single traveller.


If you have new information so that the content above can be updated with the latest prices, rules etc for the resort entrance and day passes, please do let us know so that we can keep this information as up to date as possible for all visitors. Many thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Day Passes and Resort Entrance Costs – Cap d’Agde

  1. Helena

    Never had a FFN card as I always carry my British naturist card and the campsite accepts this. So l would expect the gate will also so when book in naturist accommodation you will not have any bother.

  2. Pablova Post author

    That’s a great point actually Helena yes. The rules as I understand them are not that you must have an FFN card but that you must be a member at least of an official naturist organisation.

  3. soraya

    im planning to come with my partner on next september,staying in an apartment 1.5 km far from the naturist village, would like to know how much it cost us a weekly pass to the village, and i dont have any naturist card, what exactly do we need please? thanks

  4. Manu Lopez

    Can anyone confirm the need or not of the FFN or any other Naturist Association to enter as visitor to the Naturist Village? We are a couple that don’t have such a card, and we have a reservation in a hotel outside the Naturist Village.
    In the past we didn’t have any problem purchasing a 14 day pass, but now we are a bit worried, thinking of cancelling our hotel reservation looking for another destination.

  5. J

    Thanks for all this info. Got my FNN card after reading this and entry took no time at all. Had a great time. Will return soon! Thanks

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