Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Cap d’Agde Car Rental Hire

Information on driving to Le Cap d'Agde

To get to Cap d’Agde, if you can drive and you can afford car hire and car hire, this can be a very good way of getting to the clothing-optional resort. You can avoid the trip from the airport, train station and the need to get a local bus. Renting a car from the airport you arrive at can improve the quality of your trip. For car rental, the following are worth trying:
Do not forget that:

  • People drive on the right side in France
  • France has quite strict drink driving laws. The blood alcohol levels is 0.5 mg/ml. It is certainly not a good idea to drink and drive.
  • The use of seat belts in the front and rear are obligatory everywhere.
  • Speed limits are implemented rigorously and radar traps are very common.
  • You can receive an on the spot fine in France for speeding and other traffic offenses.
  • There are a number of companies who offer car hire for Cap d’Agde and renting Beziers airport Car hire is a great way to fly into the nearest airport to the resort and to get quickly to the main gates and enter.

Once you have hired a car, you, will have the chance to explore some wonderful countryside and coastal areas. There are dozens of vineyards dotted throughout the Languedoc region and these are also well worth a visit and accessible to you with a hire car. Also visiting other parts of Europe on this trip? Make sure also to read about driving safely in France.

Driving to the Resort – Your feedback:

It is approximately 850 miles from Calais to the Cap, so at a hundred miles an hour it would take about eight and a half hours. If you go route national it will take much longer with the maximum speed being 55 miles an hour and if you get court speeding its 100 Euros on the spot and if you do not pay “you do not go” if you are well over they will take the car off you there and then!

And the French police are tough! If you do not  use the Auto-routes, the best way is Rouen, Evereux, Dreux, Chartres. Unless you start very early and press on, Rouen is a good place to stop over night and normally join the A10 at junction 13 at Atney. If you have made good time it might be worth going on to Bourges to junction 7 where there is a bunch of hotels there at the side of the road, and its a good time to stop. Remember though that if you leave it later than 6 o’clock there is a good chance you will not get in anywhere. In which case you will probably have to drive all night or sleep in the car! In fact we could not get in any hotel in Rouen at five o’clock at the end of June!

“I drove from Calais to Perpignan a couple of years ago, not far from Agde. We took a slightly longer route; Le Mans, Tours, Limoges as I wanted to avoid Paris completely. It took two days of not-too-frantic driving on mostly non-auto-routes. I can recommend the “logis” group of B & B’s and pensions. I’m not keen on taking “pot luck” with finding a bed though, especially in the summer, so I worked out how far we would get and pre-booked. It worked out perfectly in both directions”.

–> Make sure to read our page about Driving in France for full information on legal requirements and rules of the road for when driving in France!

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