Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Airports Closest to and for Cap d’Agde, France

Landing at Cap dagde airport for a vacation

Flying into Beziers Cap d’Agde airport is the closest option for the resort, but this small airport offers few flights. Montpellier is the main airport used, but Toulouse and Carcassonne are also possible. Below a look at each airport from which you can follow the link to each airport guide:

Closest Airports to the resort

Beziers airport is the closest airport to the resort and the most convenient and is served by FlyBe and Ryanair. This is quite a small airport but certainly, a great option if you can find flights into this location. Beziers International is nearest international airport cap d’agde has.

Beziers airport transfers – Learn about getting from Beziers to the resort. This airport is small and thus taxis are not so easy to find, but it is the cheapest airport to get to the resort from.

Montpellier airport for Agde is one of the most common and popular routes with a number of airlines flying into this sizeable airport. This is the most common airport used for visitors to the resort.

Carcassonne airport is another option and one people often forget about. It is certainly not the most convenient but it is sometimes useful if you can find a flight from your own local regional airport to Carcassonne.

Toulouse airport is also certainly a possibility and combined with car rental this is a viable option.

Perpignan airport is roughly 100 Km from Agde and once other flights option.

Flying into Paris

Many people like to fly into Paris, France, and then get the train down to Agde. There are several options for airports serving Paris and each has its own pros and cons. We take a look below at the airport options for flying into or close to the French capital.

Beauvais – Tille Airport

(Airport code: BVA) – Beauvais Tille airport is on the periphery of Paris and can be the destination airport for budgets flights to the area. It will take approximately one hour to reach the centre of Paris from this airport. Ryanair and Whizz Air both serve this airport.

Paris flight

Charles De Gaulle Airport

Airport Code: CDG – This is the largest airport in France and the main entrance point for visitors on commercial flights from around the world. France’s flagship airline, Air France, is based here and contributes significantly to the approximately 60,000,000 people who pass through the airport each year, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. Paris Charles De Gaulle is also one of the busiest freight airports in the world and many countries in North Western Europe ship goods into here from around the world.

Orly Airport

Airport code: ORY – You can find this airport split between Orly and Villeneuve-le-Roi, only 8km from Paris. This was the main airport in Paris until the construction of Charles De Gaulle and still has flights arriving and departing to destinations around the world.

Le Bourget Airport

Airport code: LBG – This airport is named after the area in the north east of Paris where it is located. This was Paris’ only airport until the creation of Orly in 1932 and to this day is regarded as one of the most important business airports in Europe. Indeed, business travel is the main use of this airport in the modern age. Le Bourget also hosts various air shows and is also home to the French Space and Air Museum. FORGET this one as a viable airport into Paris. I have mentioned it here though in case you come across ‘Le Bourget’ and wonder about it.

London to Cap d Agde

If you are looking to fly from London to Cap d’Agde your options are:

  • Ryanair from Stansted to Beziers
  • Ryanair London Luton to Beziers
  • British Airways London to Montpellier

Alternatives to Flying

Flying down to the resort is not the only option and many people do in fact choose to drive down through France and across the Millau Bridge. Do allow an extra one or two days to the start and end of your journey if you do plan to drive because it can be a tiring and long drive and I would actually recommend to stop off and stay en-route in one of the good quality B&B style roadside accommodation.

The train service in France is also very good and flying into Paris and then getting the train down to Agde station is a great option and a wonderful way to view the French countryside, without the trouble of driving. From Agde train station you can jump on a bus right outside the train station and it takes you direct to the resort.

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