Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Closest Airport to Cap d’Agde – Beziers International

Beziers Cap d’Agde airport is the closest airport to cap d’agde i.e. to the resort and the most convenient. From the airport, it is a fairly straightforward taxi cab ride to the resort. It takes approximately 20 minutes and will costs roughly Euros 40 – 60. You can also rent a car from the airport although it is not necessary or alternatively getting a bus from the airport to Beziers centre is a possibility and then a taxi from Beziers centre. Overall though you are best off getting a taxi cab straight from the airport to the resort or ensuring you have an airport transfer organised with your holiday agency.

Flying to Cap dagde

Location of the Airport

34450 Vias, Beziers, France. Telephone: +33 (0)4 67 809 909.

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Being so small, the facilities are very limited in this airport but there are a few facilities to note:

  • Small counter area with some drinks and snacks on sale (just to the right as you enter the main entrance).
  • WiFi connection is available within the airport.
  • Toilets.
  • ATM machine.

Arriving at the Terminal

Beziers itself is a stunning town which is well deserving of a nights stay if you have enough time to include 24 hours. The truth tends to be though that everyone is anxious to get to the resort and this is certainly understandable. If you can fly into this airport this is the closest and best option. The problem is that only a few airlines fly into this small local regional airport and thus the majority of visitors arrive into Montpellier. At the time of writing the airlines with schedules into this airport are Ryanair and Flybe and from destinations including Bristol and London UK and Paris, France.

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Beziers airport

Bristol to Beziers Cap d’Agde

If you live in the South-West, England then Bristol airport in Somerset is by far the easiest route for getting down to the Languedoc area. Ryanair are the airline who fly between Bristol airport, England and Beziers Cap d’Agde airport and costs vary according to the month. Flight costs can be anything from £50 return (roundrtrip) to £300. The best bet is to try and book early and keep an eye on Ryanair sale prices. The summer schedules tend to be announced and on sale from October to November each year and the first few seats tend to be the cheapest.

If you are leaving from Bristol airport, you will find parking not a problem (not cheap though) and excellent facilities with plenty of shops, coffee shops, restaurants, bank machines and everything you are likely to need on departure. If you have a morning departure make sure to try the ‘Breakfast and a Pint’ offer often have.

Beziers airport is smaller than Bristol airport and sits 20 -30 minutes drive from the resort and is an easy drive if you decide to hire a car. There is also a bus from Beziers airport to Cap d’Agde running from approx 7am until 8pm (check times at the airport as they are subject to change). In Bristol there is a bus service between the airport train station and coach station.

London Luton, England to Beziers (LTN to BZR)

As well as from Bristol in the South West, England, you can also fly straight into Beziers Cap d’Agde airport from London Luton airport with Ryanair. Even though the airport is not in London but is in Luton, there are a number of coach connections to get between central London and Luton airport.

If you are driving then Luton airport anyway then it will not be so different from if you were trying to get to Gatwick or Heathrow airports. Some o the flights from Luton to Beziers airport are often very cheap with a fare of £0.99 coming up in searches we do. Beware of all the add on costs with Ryanair when you are booking. Everything from fees for carry on luggage, charges for actually checking in as opposed to doing it online and charges even being considered to use Ryanair toilets on flights, the costs do add up so do not take the original costs as the final one. (Book Ryanair).

London Luton airport is a good enough airport, with plenty of facilities as good parking facilities. This is a fairly small airport but plenty sufficient for flights to get you directly down to Beziers in France.

Review: Saran Taylor in Brighton: This is an excellent route for me because I actually live just a few miles North of Luton and being able to fly direct down to the resort is ideal. I book a few months in advance when I can so that I get cheaper flights. I just hope that this route always continues.

Flybe into Beziers

Flybe now also fly into Beziers Cap d’Agde Airport and from roughly 10 routes including Southampton, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Manchester and Edinburgh (all UK).

USA To Beziers Flights

To connect into Beziers or Montpellier airports,your best option is to fly into Paris or London and then to get a flight that connects with Beziers. Of those two choices, Paris makes the most sense and will provide the easiest option, although you often have to change airport within Paris.

If travelling from the Unites States, I would actually be tempted to get a direct flight from USA into Paris and then to catch the train down to Agde. If your prime concern is time and you are not worried about money then you can simply book a flight flying in and out of Montpellier (connecting via Paris) and then get a taxi from Montpellier airport (the driver should charge us a flat fee of 120 Euros) to the resort.

Beziers Airport Transfers


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