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Carcassonne to Le Cap d’Agde, France


To continue the series of articles on getting to the resort in Cap d’Agde (you might have seen the last one on Marseille), this time we look at the beautiful city of Carcassonne. Carcassonne is an old fortified city, which is steeped in history and a very typical French location in the Languedoc region. By typical French. I mean that this is a wonderful city if you wish to experience the real France. Cap d’Agde, as a resort, does not perhaps provide a real French experience given that the purpose of a visit to Cap is not primarily for cultural reasons.However, by combining with Carcassonne, you get the best of both worlds; the cultural experience, followed by the naturist experience.

Getting to Carcassonne & then to Agde

Flights to Carcassonne

The great thing about Carcassonne, for many of you who are coming to France primarily in order to visit Le Cap dAgde, is that the small regional airport, known locally in French as Aéroport de Carcassonne, provides a great connection for those of you living close to cities such as:

  • Alicante (Spain)
  • Charleroi (Belgium)
  • Eindhoven (Holland)
  • Glasgow, London and Liverpool. East Midlands (all UK)
  • Cork, Dublin (both Ireland)
  • Porto (Portugal)

If this is the case, your easiest way, time and cost wise for getting to Agde, can be to fly into Carcassonne. From London, you also have the option to fly directly into Béziers, but it is also worth checking the flight costs into Carcassonne.

From Carcassonne Airport to the Resort.

Driving – Less than forty miles from the the resort in Agde, the airport is a an easy drive, which takes roughly one hour at a leisurely pace. Quite  a scenic route, if you plan to hire a car anyway, for the duration of your holiday, the drive is perhaps the best option.

If driving:

  • Use the N113 to get onto the A61 and then head eastbound. (Note that some of these roads are toll roads).
  • Continue on the A61 eastbound for roughly 45 minutes.
  • Then, where the A61 meets the E15, take the E15 northbound towards Narbonne.
  • Follow the E15 northbound all the way until you reach Bessan and see the signposting for the town of Agde.
  • You will begin to see signs for the naturist resort. Follow the signs to the resort entrance.

Airport Transfer and Shuttle Service – At this time we can recommend A2A and you can learn more about their service here. They have English speaking staff and offer standard fares. If you are four people, then the Euros 210 fare when divided means a 55 Euro per person transfer from the airport direct into the resort in Cap d’Agde.

Train – As I have mentioned on other pages on this site, make sure, if you are looking to book a train from Carcassonne train station to Le Cap d’Agde, that you search by the term ‘Agde’ and not Cap d’Agde. There is no train station in the Cap, but there is in the town station about 4 miles from the resort. You can book trains here.


Map of Carcassone

Thing to See in Carcassonne

With a population of around 50,000 people, the city is quite small but still certainly worth a visit and a good example of small town France. Some of my favourite attractions and ones I can recommend in Carcassonne are the following.

  • The Medieval City walk – Many people visit the city especially to experience this medieval city. The best way to see it, can be just to amble around the central parts and to just take in the area at your own pace and for free. This world heritage site is a walled city, which is steeped in history and which can be enjoyed also with its shops, local restaurants and bars. Allocate a few hours at least just to amble at your leisure.
  • Basilica of Saint-Nazaire – The Basilica is a stunning cathedral, which makes for a wonderful tour for those of you interested in history and architecture.

Where to Stay in Carcassonne

Carcassonne is certainly worth 2 or 3 nights stay and, if you are looking for accommodation in Carcassonne, the following are three hotels I have personally stayed in and which I thus am able to recommend.

Entre Bastide et Cité
(19 rue du Manège) – Outstanding location, which is a really short 5 minute walk to the citadel. A really friendly host, lovely rooms (at least in my experience) and the food was a very high standard. A very good overall option and very pleasant place to stay for 2 or 3 nights. (BOOK HERE!)

Les Balcons de la Cité
7 rue Frédéric Mistral) – Right on the edge of the city centre, so perfect if you want easy access to the train station in Carcassonne if you are eventually travelling to Agde train station. In addition to its great location, the hotel also provides stunning views of the castle and the owners are extremely helpful and friendly. A great choice. (BOOK HERE!).

Books on Carcassonne

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