Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

New Visitors and Beginners Guide to Cap d’Agde

Marina area

Arriving at the Village Naturiste for the first time is a daunting and yet unique experience but will be made easier if you are aware of some facts which I have listed below which I use for when I visit each year with my motor-home. Above all else, allow plenty of time to get through the process, half a day is recommended.

1. Entering the Resort  – The naturist village is a separate and secure part of Le Cap D’Agde and can be found by following the signs to the “Village Naturiste” when leaving the main dual carriageway (D612) at the Cap D”Agde junction. There is a second secure entrance from this main area into the Renee Oltra campsite. You must go through one to get to the other.

Tip: If you instruct TomTom to go to “Port Ambonne” it will direct you to the main entrance to the village, without you having to pick your way through the labyrinth of twists and turns, dodgy junctions and Rond-Ponts to get to your initial destination, the main Naturist Village entrance.

2. There are 2 secure barriers you will need to pass if you want to get into the Renee Oltra campsite. Firstly the Naturiste Village security barrier, which if you do not know the drill, will leave you very frustrated. You must have a contract/ booking advice document in your hand from your pre-booked accommodation, just like a boarding pass. No papers, no entrance, no exceptions. If you have no pre-booked accommodation the procedure is as-follows.

Tip: Get an INF card from BN. It works better than a passport and all Naturist sites prefer it, and Renee Oltra will try and sell you their version as ID.

3. Arriving at the main gate with no accommodation contract, park up near the Post Office (on the right), or if there are no spaces, go on and swing left to the Chemist area. You will not yet be permitted to enter the naturist Village in your vehicle.

Tip: Try to avoid arriving on a Friday evening or at the times of the main hotel accommodation change-over because the queue at the main security for a site pass can be immense. I have been delayed over 2 hours and missed registering with Rene Oltra because the office has closed whilst I was delayed at the Main Entrance.

In such an event and you are late the campsite Security will permit you to enter and give you a temporary pitch for the night. If all else fails, and I did this last year when the site flooded, park your camping car in the car park near the fruit stall and arrange things the next day.

Entering the resort

Entering the resort

4. However, back to the main security, to get your accommodation papers, you will need to get a temporary pass. For this you will need to surrender your passport at the main desk. You then need to proceed to the Rene Oltra Accuel (Reception) and buy your accommodation contract. You will need to go through the main gate side pedestrian entrance. If you leave your travelling companion in your vehicle warn them you may be some time, or else when you finally return, you might come back to some serious ear ache. At the Rene Oltra security, if you are stopped just wave generally at the office entrance and say “Accuel” and they will wave you on.

Go into reception, smile and book your pitch and pay up. Remember there might be many other people in the queue here ahead of you. If you want WiFi, buy it here and log in when you are ready. If you wish they will let you go and check out where you want your pitch, so if you have a bike, it will be  great asset as the site is large. Rene Oltra will give you one armband for each person which must be worn at all times on the campsite. Do not forget to take it with you if you leave the camp site to explore the rest of the village or onto the beach, as they will not let you back into the campsite without it!

With your new Rene Oltra paperwork you can then return to the main village entrance retrieve your passport and purchase your main site pass. It is an electronic tagged credit style card which will be programmed to the dates shown on your accommodation contract and costs EUR10. If you extend your stay with Rene Oltra, take your new accommodation contract back to the main entrance to get your village pass extended (you do not have to buy a new entrance card, it lasts for the whole year, but sometimes they charge two Euros to re-set it, oh and you will need to remember to wear some clothes to do it)

Tip: take your smart phone and check the WiFi signal on your intended pitch. The campsite Wifi is like the proverbial, only good in parts.

5. You can then return to your vehicle and drive through the main village entrance, showing your new gate pass.

6. Once through the gate you are in the naturist village and you can strip off and bare all. Freedom! Go to the shops, the wine bazaar, have a beer, starkers. Take no notice of the ladies with their sarongs, men in little silly skirts. You will be paying handsomely to be able to strip off so why wear clothes? Go to the spa, grocers, the butchers and other shops in the resort, in your birthday suit! Just remember the usual towel to sit on.

7. However, evenings can be different, and it can be quite cool. So mostly when dining out people put on clothes. Mind you, some of the clothes will blow your mind, and in Melrose’s they can come off again very nicely.

8. Anyway, after you have stocked up in the village, had a beer, bought some bread and wine, drive to the campsite main entrance smile and wave your armbands at the guard, go and pitch up. All pitches have electricity and water, which is drinkable but very limey. Watch out for the Mustique Tigre, the site is right next to a swamp, as are all the other  sites on the Mediterranean coast. Do not forget, no open fires so gas BBQ’s only, like almost every other campsite if France.

9. Most folks pitch first on Allee Mer or Allee Plage in the middle somewhere, just to get to know the place. The little shop in the middle of the site will be open up until about the 15th Sept, when it starts to restrict opening hours. My regular pitch is now on Allee Oliver, right at the back, for the nice sunsets.

10. The security lifeguards on the north beach will have packed up at the end of August, so the activities at the Baie des Cochon continue as ever. If it is your first time there, try not to stare with your mouth open. The  naughty bit is only about 50m long, just where the ice cream carts park. Take a camera and they will throw you and it into the sea. Go wearing board shorts and they (the women usually) will shout “A Poil” at you, which means “Get them off” in the local (in hair, literally).

11. So go and enjoy all that you want to enjoy. There are plenty of clubs, restaurants, exercise classes etc to suit all tastes. You can take afternoon tea, go on bus tours, sunbathe, and be in your birthday suit all the time, sleep in the afternoon, go dining and dancing, have a sauna, a mousse party.

Tip: If you have been out drinking heavily and arrive back at the campsite after about midnight, the very nice security guards will take you from the entrance in their electric buggy to your pitch. It stops drunks singing and hollering through the site at night, as you do.

12. Finally, remember most of the French Officials you will meet are very nice people. The Rene Oltra Staff are pleasant and helpful and mostly speak English (and Dutch, and German and Spanish, and Italian). Smile, be nice to them and they will be very friendly.

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8 thoughts on “New Visitors and Beginners Guide to Cap d’Agde

  1. Ricardo

    Fantastic description for a first timer; Thank you for keep my dream of going to Cap d’Agde on my European holyday.

  2. George Wilson.

    I go to Cap D’Adge from 26 July for one week 2016, Seeking a female friend /couples to meet there- see how we all get on. I’m very used to le cap, know my way around ,very open and tolerant. write to me here. I’m single. Im worth a reply?

  3. Chris Gough

    Possibly worth a mention. Brush up on your French, whilst the reception may speak English, most people you meet don’t. Great place xx

  4. Phil S

    Rob – a bit late for a reply! INF – International Naturists Federation, BN – British Naturism (which I believe is the current name for what used to be the CCBN – Central Council for British Naturism – which was the case when I emigrated to Australia 20 years ago!)

  5. Peter Rowley

    I found a lot of people walk around with clothing on which I find strange. It is a naturist resort so why don’t people the rules? There should be people who enforce it and make people take their clothing off. If I went without clothes on a normal beach they would make me cover up. Would love to go there again one day.

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