Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Camping at Cap d’Agde

Camper van in Agde

Overview of the camping area – The campsite is excellent for families and attracts a very much a real naturist clientèle  The campsite has excellent facilities including a couple of shops, launderette and food stalls. Read the Camping overview

Campsite Facilities – Learn about the facilities which are available in the camping area, including the food stalls, toilets and shower facilities. They also have a launderette although you might find that you use a few clothes during your stay.

Map of the layout for campers – View a map of the camping area to get a feeling for the layout and location of the different sections. Map of Cap ‘Agde campsite

Booking to stay – Learn about booking a spot in the campsite in the village. Booking information.

Types of Campsite accommodation – In addition to camp sports for staying in your tent or motorhome, there are also chalets and small mobile homes available to rent. More about the camping accommodation choices

Arriving at the resort and access to the camping area – Learn about accessing the camping area

Internet and WiFi access – Many of you may be keen to find out about the situation with regards to internet access. More about Internet access on the campsite

Benefits of the campsite – Learn about the benefits of the campsite

Looking for more things to read and find out about the resort?

Camping Accessories Worth Buying for Cap

There are some accessories which I bought for my mobile home when I stayed in the campsite and I highly recommend these products.

The mains polarity tester plug for example, I strongly recommend. The power system is different in France and this provides you with a way to safely check. Many French AC electrical supplies are wired the wrong way round ie Live to Neutral and visa versa. Very dangerous, but sadly common.

Euro AC mains power connector hookup. 2 Pin for France. Can be very handy to have a spare one of these for setting up. Will work in France and could save you a lot of stress by having a spare one of these.

One of my favourite pieces of equipment and the one which I use is the Campingaz Camping Chef Stove. This stove is ideal for camping given that it combines a grill and gas rings on the same unit. It is sturdy, easy to pack away at the end of the trip and overall a great buy. The reviews are worth checking!

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