Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Cap d’Agde – First Visit Trip Report

For Cap d'Agde first-timers, the excitement and apprehension as one wonders what to expect at this resort can be overwhelming. Your senses as a Cap d'Agde first time visitor will likely be in overdrive! To help give you some insight into what to expect, a report below from a recent first time visitor!

Cap d'Agde first time visitor experiences

Cap d'Agde First time visitor report by Bob from Bath, UK

My wife and I came to Cap d'Agde in mid-June, just as the World Cup kicked off. Next time you catch a train, imagine every person in the carriage was sat in their birthday suit only and then try to imagine what it would be like in a resort where you go shopping, to the post office and on the beach without a stitch on?

If you're an English speaker and you've not been before, go through David and Ann accommodation agency. This is not so much a plug for them as it is a safety net for you. They speak English, they are there on the ground, they'll help get you delivered to/from the train etc and get a decent place to stay.

Accommodation at Cap D'agde is not sophisticated in the sense that the apartments seem individually owned and leased for vacation, which means who knows what the real condition is inside each of them? We were given Heliopolis AB318 by those guys and their judgement is good – this apartment is clean, well set out, lots of gadgets and a proper bed rather than a fold-out one…get this one if you can.

For people who've not been here before, the question of where to stay is either apartment, campground or hotel. There seem to be 3 or more hotels now, but we saw none of them inside so can't say much. Our apartment overlooked the campground, and it looks to be a nice environment, full of trees and little hedges between plots.

Cap d'Agde village resort

The campsite seemed to be absolutely full of white shiny vans rather than rusty old yellow ones. Of the apartments…there are multi-story or villa places that are single story. Unless you are allergic to stairs, there seemed to be little difference. The villas have a bit of front garden to them, but most of the balconies in the apartments are pretty big anyway.

Bucket list challenge

The apartments go up to about 4 floors (no elevator in Heliopolis, not sure about others), and they all seem about the same. Heliopolis has shops, supermarket, restaurants, and a big bar around sections J & H, on the inside of the curve. Port Nature has bars/restaurants down by the ocean-end at section 1 and bars/restaurants/shops at the join, around sections 4 & 6 on the western side of the building.

Port Ambonne is all shops, supermarkets and bars on the ground floor. But it doesn't really matter, they are all about one minute walk from each other, so all you really need to think about is how much atmosphere (noise) you want drifting in during the evening. Some people like leaning on their balcony soaking it all in…some don't.

Food at CdA is surprisingly okay, and not stupidly expensive, was expecting a nightmare that didn't eventuate. We found 3-4 good places where the food was between 10 and 20 Euro per dish. Won't name them, it's not hard to find them, this place is not that big. If you want extra-cheap, the bread shops have quiche and croissant that are as good as anywhere. A bottle of wine in the supermarket can be as cheap as a bottle of beer. So you can sit on the beach and have a cheap feed. We bought a hot roast chicken off the spit, take away, cost 9 Euro.

The beach is genuinely naturist in style, male and female. Some may have been partly dressed as they walked to find a spot, but no one stayed dressed once seated. The beach is pretty good. Wide with soft sand at the back and a bit of wind protection, but the sand by the water is hard and good for walking…and it's like a freeway along there.

The shops at Heliopolis sell beach umbrellas and towels if you need, relatively cheap. by the way, the ‘libertine' set may be here, but I didn't look for it and it didn't find me. Seems you can do or not do what you want without fuss…at least it appeared so to us. Overall it's a good place!

Interested in visiting the World's Biggest Naturist Village – Cap d'Agde in the south of France?

Cap d'Agde travel guide and videos

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Naturist blogger who live in Agde, France.

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6 thoughts on “Cap d’Agde – First Visit Trip Report

  1. Jaco Müller

    Thanks Paul,
    Your info is valuable. I am from Cape Town South Africa and plan to visit Cap d’ Agde for a couple of years now. I am a tour operator doing clothed optional adventure safaris and tours in Africa. I am aware of the stunning place Cap is, we had not yet get the opportunity to get their. But it is in the pipeline. We had also have to look at the cost because the exchange rate from euro to rand is 16 to 1. That makes it quite expensive for us. Flights are not bad and food also not expensive. The biggest expense is accommodation. Traveling all this distance and effort to get to Cap it is not worth going there for only a few days. To make it worthwhile 16 to 21 days is valued visiting time. But still we will get at Cap, it is a goal to reach.
    Jaco Müller, Nature Tour & Travel.

  2. Nagui Shaaban

    Hello, my wife does not see this is a nice idea for vacation, but i really want to pass this experience. is it ok for a single man to pass a few days there?
    thank you.

  3. Paul Post author

    Yes, it is fine to visit as a single man. The resort is a mix of individuals, couples and groups visiting and there are no restrictions in this sense when entering the resort village in Cap d’Agde. This resort has to be on your bucket-list!

  4. Inus Prinsloo

    Hi, My wife and I are planning a visit to CdA in July 2019. We have only visit naturist beaches before and not stayed in a naturist resort before. We are not into swinging, but, forgive my ignorance, what does “libertine” mean in the CdA context?

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