Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Getting to Cap d’Agde, France

Euroista train.

The first question many people ask is ‘How do I get to Cap dAgde’. There are many options including by air, train and car and it is not hard to get to the Agde village and resort given the choices available. Below we take a look at each option.

Trains and Rail

Agde train (railway) station in the heart of the town is the closest train station (railway station) for getting to Cap d’Agde. You do also have the option of getting a train to Montpellier (not all of the express trains stop at Agde station so you will need to consider this when booking trains down from Paris). For more detailed information go to the Cap Agde trains and railway station page.
SNCF train booking

Local Buses

If you are arriving by rail then you have the option to jump in a taxi or to use the local bus service and which takes from right outside the train station to the resort village. The bus journey takes roughly 20 minutes and costs no more than a few euros. More on the local bus service.

Driving to Cap d’Agde

Driving down to the resort village is popular with a lot of people from countries such as the UK, Holland, Germany and Italy. Driving through the French countryside and seeing sites such as the stunning Millau Bridge is a great way to start your holiday. Many people planning to stay in the camp site in their own motor-home or caravan drive to the resort. Go to the Driving to Agde page for more information.

Car hire and rental

You may enjoy driving but have no interest in doing the full trip across from the UK or other parts of mainland Europe. You have the option, in this case, to rent a car when you arrive into any of the local or main airports or arrive into any of the main rail stations including Carcassonne, Toulouse or Perpignan. More about car rental and hire.

Airports, flights and routes

There are various routes and flights to get to Cap d’Agde and these include routes into Beziers Cap d’Agde airport from locations such as Odense, Bristol, Bastia and Paris. Flights into Carcassonne, Montpellier, Perpignan and Toulouse are also discussed and looked at. The routes change every year and we try to keep the list of options updated on the flight pages on this site. What airports do you have the choice to fly into to get to the Cap d’Agde resort. There are in fact 5 or 6 possibilities and each has its own advantages and disadvantages although Beziers and Montpelier are the two closest and best if you can find flights into one of these airports. More about the airport options and also Cap d’Agde airport transfers.

A lot of travellers visit the resort from USA and Canada and in this case, flying into Paris is a very popular choice. People tend then to travel by train down to Montpellier or Agde, or to fly down. Another option from USA or Canada is to fly into Barcelona, Spain as part of their trip if visiting from afar, and then catching the new high-speed train up into France. Spending time in Paris, a city which is one of the most visited in the world in respect of tourism and which offers a great range of museums, galleries, cafes, restaurants and other cultural opportunities, is a great choice though.

Airport Taxi and Limousine Service

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