Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Resort Information for Cap d’Agde

Marina area

Location – Learn where the resort is, including the GPS coordinates in case you are driving to the resort and a clickable map so that you can zoom in on the resort, to get an idea of the layout and distance from Montpellier and Beziers.

Resort Reviews – Interested to hear what other first time visitors and also some regulars have to say about their experience of visiting the resort? We also welcome your own reviews.

Gay Visitors – Cap d’Agde is a resort which welcomes all visitors and one of the groups who enjoy the resort each summer are gay traveler’s. Learn more about the facilities such as bars which are popular with gay holiday makers each summer.

Maps – Visit the maps page to download a map of the camp site or of the whole resort and the local beaches which also include the textile areas outside of the naturist area.

Day trips – There is no need to leave the village given that you have everything from great bars, restaurants and a range of accommodation, through to a stunning beach and some of the best nightlife in the region. You might though wish to explore the region and there are some very worthwhile day trips worth considering.

Buying property – Every so often there an apartment, villa, townhouse, motor-home or caravan does come up for sale and we take a look at how to go about buying your own place in the sun in this resort in the south of France.

Travel Insurance – There are certain things to consider when planning a trip to the village and we take a look at booking travel cover and the necessity of it.

World Guides – We look at the options for enjoying clothes-free travel experiences around the world including in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Portugal and Spain.

Studying French – If you really want to get the best possible cultural experience out of your stay in France then why not try and learn some basic terms in French. The expressions might come in especially handy when trying to get from the airport to the resort.

Nightlife – Certainly one of the highlights of visiting Cap dAgde is the nightlife. Choose from a range of nightclubs, bars, couples clubs and saunas. This is a great resort for the hedonistic holiday maker. You do not have to make use of the nightlife though but it is there for those who desire it.

Drinking Places – You will not have to worry about finding somewhere to have pitcher of wine, a beer or perhaps a cocktail. There are roughly a dozen bars to choose from within the enclosed village.

Beach – The village includes a mile long beach which is as good as most beaches you are likely to see on the south coats of France. You can walk to the beach from all of the accommodation areas with the whole village walkable.

Internet Access – Expecting WiFi and standard internet access is something an increasingly number of visitors to the resort are now expecting. There are various options which we detail for you.

Facilities Overview – You can stay in the resort for months and not need to leave because the facilities are there in full. Need to go to a supermarket, buy a newspaper, want to go for a drink or feel like spending a rainy day in a sauna. The resort is fully facilitated and some visitors really do no bother to leave the resort for the whole summer.

FAQs – The most commonly asked questions and the answers to help guide you to a happy and fun to trip to the resort this summer!

Some apartment choices – One of the most popular ways to stay in the resort and for which there are many options, are apartments. The main accommodation blocks such as Heliopolis and Port Nature house literally a couple of thousands rental apartments. We show you inside some of these accommodation types.

Technology Questions – Many of you will need to connect to the internet, will be staying long term and want to view TV from home. All questions answered here…

Entering the Resort! – Wondering how to get into the resort? How to find the entrance and what you need. Read on…

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