Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Common Questions about the Resort Camp Site

Resort entrance and office

Main entrance to the whole resort

What Passes do I need to Enter the Camp site?

There is sometimes confusion about how to access the resort and how to access the camp site. The confusion is because the camp site is contained within the resort and has its own entrance gates. There are 2 entrances and 2 entrance fees

  1. The main resort entrance (from the textile area into the naturist resort)
  2. The camp site entrance (to and from the camp site and the rest of the resort)

So to deal with entrance and fee  point 1 above. When you first enter the resort, you get need to pay for a pass for the duration of your stay in the front resort office. Do not get a day pass if you are staying 1 or two weeks because quee’s can often build up in the office and you can find you have to wait anything up to half an hour (or at least that is what has happened to us before). If you will need to go out into the clothed area during your stray (other than when leaving at the end of your holiday), make sure to take your resort pass with you so that you can get back in without having to pay again! The entrance card should be somewhere in the region of 15 Euros each for the duration of your stay.

Then point 2 above is the entrance to the camp site all the time. For that, when you check in you will have no choice but to agree to join the French naturist association and that is again something like 12 Euros or something each. You will get your wristband and need to wear it all the time and then you can come and go as much as you want between camp site and other parts of the resort.

Can I Rent a Tent?

No. You would need to bring a tent with you. You can buy basic camping equipment in the resort shops ie if you want gas canisters for cooking, if you want basic camping gear for cooking. If you need accommodation which already exists in the campsite then they do have bungalows you can rent, in addition to a number of rentable mobile homes. For these though you should book early in the season because they do get reserved quite early.

Feedback from other Visitors

  • Joanne – “We used the camping site this September. Definitely recommend it. The site also has holiday homes you can rent, they were very new and looked great. The showers were spotless.  The site is so close to the beach. We were in a pitch on allee sure Mer (I think that’s what it’s called)  we’re going to do the same next year.”
  • Jeff – “The whole Cap d’Agde resort complex is about four kilometers long.  The naturist portion is at the eastern end. You can stay outside this portion, and the best way is by buying an extended day pass, and come and go each day.  The extended pass allows entering the village without having to wait in line to buy a pass each day, saving time. (There’s a limit on how late into the evening you can stay, but I forget what it is.)  Once in the resort, you can go wherever you like, except in the camping zone. Depending on how far you are from the main entrance to the resort, you can walk, cycle, or drive to the entrance. Unless you are far away from the resort village, or just outside the entrance, in which case walking might be preferred, cycling is probably the best way to get around.  It is a great way to beat the traffic and parking hassles, especially in summer, and you can quickly cover the kilometer, or so, from the main entrance to the shops, restaurants, and beach. The beach is probably 1 kilometer from the main entrance. To get to it, you will pass by the main shopping and dining areas, as well as the clubs, saunas, hotels, etc. To get to the beach and Marseillan Plage, it is about a fifteen minute walk.”
  • Alan and Jean – “At the entrance to quarters, you go to the office on the right hand side to get an entrance card for about 10-20 Euro. Keep you Rene Oltra camp site reservation with you. Then you move through the gate and head to Rene Oltra entrance inside resort quarters (quartier). Park on the arrival parking just on the left of the entrance to the camping site. Go through the gate saying you’ve just arrived and go to the office just behind the gate. Then check in there, pick up you car and go to your pitch. In the office you need to present your INF card or purchase it there. I am not quite sure about the price but it was not more than 30 Euro for a couple. We used our BN cards for this free of charge. Passing through village main entrance gate, you can take off your clothes at your will. Take it off right a way to celebrate your arrival or put up your tent first, it is up to you.”
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One thought on “Common Questions about the Resort Camp Site

  1. Kay martin

    I have been going to cap d’ age for the past 10 yrs plus. Last year we had the pass for the car to get into the complex, but was given another pass which I thought we could use if we went outside for a walk. We came back to enter the sight and was told we could not use the pass we had, this is the first time in 10 yrs that we had problems acessing the complex when we went outside for a walk where we did not use the car has the procedure changed if you go outside the complex if you are walking can someone advise me.

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