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Naturism in the Winter

Enjoying winter naturist travel in the Caribbean

Many of you who read this site and contact me are based in the Northern hemisphere and you ask where is good for enjoying naturism in the winter time.

Cap d'Agde is open but very quiet between October and May, with many of the facilities closed down. So where is good as an alternative, to get through the Northern hemisphere winters? A few ideas are:

Caliente (USA)

Caliente Resort in Florida on the U.S. South coast is warm in the winter and thus an excellent option for those of us who visit Cap in the summer months. Caliente is a sizeable clothing optional resort and it is not cheap but the facilities are good and well organised and run.

This resort is an excellent location between September and March, with those months in season and with temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the most part. You can fly into Tampa International airport and you will be a relatively short drive from the resort.

Vera Playa (Spain)

Mexico holidays
Vera Playa is in the south of Spain is another fantastic option for winter naturism. This is the probably the best resort in Spain of its type and although a lot smaller in scale than Cap, Vera Playa is preferred by some people to Cap.

The resort has its fans and is accessible by air by flying down to Alicante or Murcia airports and then driving roughly 1 hour.

Two apartments options in the resort are:

Grand Lido Braco

This classy resort in the Caribbean is worth considering if you can afford it. Also in Jamaica is Hedonism II & III and this might be a place of interest especially for couples.

The Caribbean climatic is always a great option and one option is to combine flying to the Caribbean with a trip stop-over in Florida to visit the aforementioned Caliente Resort.

The Caribbean Islands, including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, both have resorts which offer excellent facilities and are well organised for events and for packages. Resorts such as Braco Village (Grand Lido Braco) are popular.

Winter time naturist resorts


Mexico also has a couple of very good resorts and the likes of ‘Hidden Bay Resort‘ is in a great coastal location.

Greece – Naturist Angel Nudist Club Hotel (Couples Only)

You can still find some good weather in April, May and October, a time when it tends to be tool cold in Cap d'Agde to enjoy being clothes free.

One hotel I particular like is the Angel Nudist Club Hotel. We found it extremely relaxing, we loved the food and the location was ideal for unwinding and doing very little. If you are a city person this might not be your place but it is a nudist hotel if that's what you are looking for.

A Spa weekend in the UK

If you cannot afford to go afar but live in the UK, then I can also highly recommend Clover Spa and hotel, which is located in Birmingham and run by Tim Higgs.

Tim and the staff are extremely friendly and this place is well run. They offer various treatments such as massages and they are a naturist only sauna hotel. It is quite small but everyone is friendly so it is a quite intimate stay where you get the chance to easily meet other visitors. An easy place to socialise and unwind for a weekend.

What resorts do you recommend for the winter time for those of us with a Cap d'Agde hangover and in need of some sun??? Add your comments below.

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One thought on “Naturism in the Winter

  1. Marc

    South Africa is another potential naturist destination in the Winter (it’s Summer down there). SunEden is one of the few naturist resorts in South Africa.

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