Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

When is the Best Time to Visit Cap d’Agde

Wondering what month you should visit Cap d’Agde in? How about May, July, November or January? Below some tip son the best time to visit Cap d’Agde.

Nudist beach in Europe

If you have never visited the resort in Cap d’Agde before and are planning your first ever visit then it is understandable that you will wish to better understand the best times to and not to visit the resort village.

Travelling to the South of France with the intention of staying in the resort in October or November as a tourist is a waste of your time and money because almost everything is closed down, the weather too cold and no other tourist around. To give you a better idea of when the best time to visit the village is, let us take a look below at things month by month.

April and May

The gates to the campsite (the campsite is its own area inside the village) have started to open quite early in the last few years and the gates and the campsite opened up within a day either way of March 15th or roughly the middle of March.

The only people who tend to arrive when the gates open though tend to be those with permanent spots on the campsite and not tourist arriving for a sunshine break. Those staying for the full season start to arrive and set up their plots again, clean their caravans after the winter break and start to get back into the swing of the resort.

For most people, this is way too early for a holiday in the resort in that the weather is volatile and most often not suited to naturism. Still too cold, too quiet and still a lot of restaurants, bars and shop are still closed.

Village entrance sign.

If you are looking to visit the resort to get some photos whilst the resort is empty or if you do have a caravan or motor-home and are looking to stay long-term in the camping area, then these months can be very good for getting set up whilst it is quieter.

Towards the second half of May, things do begin to pick up but the weather can still be very hit or miss and thus if you want a much greater chance of the kind of weather suitable for naturism, I would advise you to wait for June, July and August.

Beach in spring

On the resort beach in the month of May.

Visiting Cap d’Agde in June

By the time June has come around, the weather is getting much more reliable, but accommodation is still cheaper than the peak months of July and August and so for some visitors, June can be a great option. With the biggest crowds yet to populate the resort, it is more tranquil and you will find that more facilities are now open.

The temperatures should be hitting 20 Celsius and over by this time and the climate thus much more viable in terms of shedding those clothes without getting frostbite!

July and August

The peak months, peak prices and the crowds arrive but so does the best weather. Foam parties (also sometimes called the bubbles party) take place most days in these key months and the best atmosphere in terms of liveliness is around this time.

At the end of August though, be warned that it is bikers week, a time I would strongly recommend to avoid unless you are a biker. Being faced by fully clad leather bikers in a naturist resort does not quite work and so it can be worth considering or not if the last week of August or first week of September are suitable to your needs. Expect the thermometer to hit around 30 Celsius most days.


September can be a favourite time for many people to visit. Accommodation prices start to fall again as peak season tends to end around 1st September with some of the accommodation providers such as Hotel Eve.

The weather is very often still very pleasant and towards the upper twenties (Celsius) and the resort is still quite lively, foam parties still on (weather pending) and everything still open (at least until mid-September). September is certainly worth considering!


Once October arrives, a lot of the services i.e. shops and restaurants are closing down for the season and the weather is hit or miss. You can get some lovely weeks in October in this part of France, but the resort itself is becoming a ghost town by this point. October also sees the campsite main gate being put up to close until the following March. Generally speaking, I would not recommend October for visiting the resort.

November through to March

By November the resort is still open (except for the campsite) but is only really used by the small number of people who dwell in the village all year round. People do though visit on weekends for the clubs such as Le Glamour and Christmas time is always a busy few days because there is the annual swim on New Year’s Day which attracts several hundred people as many people strip off and dive into the cold water to see in the start of a new year.

When to visit Cap d'Agde is discussed

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8 thoughts on “When is the Best Time to Visit Cap d’Agde

  1. niftynic

    oh no, I was planning to visit the last week of august as that is the only time available, how do I find out if that is biker week?

  2. Peter

    I was there 2 years ago in June and was nice weather. The only problem was too many people with clothes on, spoilt the whole idea of going there. Looking at going to Croatia next year. They have great resorts and I hear they enforce the resort rules.

  3. swayam

    Hii, Me and my girlfriend are planning to visit the place in Feb end and March. Can you please tell me..wat its goin to be like during that period…??

  4. Siven

    How much cost to stay in Cap D’adge for cost?
    Also confirm the best route of Cap D’adge from India.

  5. Pablova Post author

    Hi Siven. From India try and get a flight to Paris, France. Then you can get a domestic flight down to Beziers airport or the train down to Agde train station. Costs really vary according to whether you camp, stay in a hotel, apartment and so on.

  6. Michael Hopkins

    Barcelona is also a major international aiport, it is nearer than Paris and there is a direct rail link to Agde. For anyone resident outside the EU it is always economically sensible to pre-book your rail tickets. Use the internet, pay in Euros and collect the pre-booked reserved tickets at the departure train station.

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