Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Permanent Naturist Camping Spots in Le Cap d’Agde

The resort at Le Cap d’Agde provides an excellent location for naturist camping and includes the option of renting a permanent spot! Imagine turning up every year with your caravan or mobile home already set-up?

Naturist camping in Cap d'Agde

Some people do go to Cap d’Agde for long periods such as anything from 2 weeks through to the whole summer season (which runs from March through to October in the campsite) and buying a caravan, motor-home or mobile home, then becomes a consideration and much more practical.

So many people do ask each summer, about buying a caravan and the possibility to leave it in Agde or in the resort. There are 3 options:

Permanent Spots in the Camp Site

It is possible to get a permanent spot in the campsite within the naturist resort and to do this you have a few options.

  1. You can buy a brand new mobile home from Rene Oltra (who run the campsite) and in return, they guarantee you a permanent spot. You will still have to pay the annual rental fees for the spot and these are roughly EUROS 3500.
  2. Alternatively, if you stay for long periods each summer, in the campsite, then Rene Oltra are known to often invite you to apply for a permanent spot. If you have a permanent spot, it means that you can leave your caravan on the sport all year round and you get favourable rental rates for the year i.e. it works out cheaper than if you rented without a permanent spot.

Rene Oltra camp spots

Leaving your Caravan in a Gardenniage locally

The next option is to buy rent a spot on the campsite when you need it and to own a caravan which you leave based in what is known in France as a “Gardenniage!. It is basically a caravan storage place and these are very popular in France. Gardenniage’s come in various styles and the best offer storage areas which are undercover, to protect your caravan.

The prices tend to be very cheap ie between EUROS 300 and 500 for a year’s rental space and the beauty of a Gardenniage is that they normally include the service of putting your caravan onto your spot at the campsite. You just need to let them know the camp spot number and the dates and for a fee of usually around EUROS 30, they leave your caravan on your spot, ready for you when you arrive.

They also if you ask, will pump up your tyres and clean the outside fo the caravan for a small extra. All in all, a gardenniage service can be an excellent option for those wanting to stay in the resort for only a few weeks each summer.

You can look on sites such as Le Bon Coin, for caravans, but I think that in general most things, caravans included are cheaper in England (if you are for example coming from the UK).

Driving to the Resort Each Year

The majority of people using caravans drive the full way with the unit attached to their car or 4 by 4, i.e. they tow the vehicle down for the duration of their stay. Many French and British visitors use this option when staying at the campsite.

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2 thoughts on “Permanent Naturist Camping Spots in Le Cap d’Agde

  1. A.MacGillivray

    I have tried for years to either purchase one of Rene Oltra’s vans or buy my own and have been turned down because I need to spend about 3 years on Holiday on their site first. This is not always easy to do for one thing and another. I have been a naturist for about 25 years now and used to spend 3 weeks at a time on the other side in an appartement. I would prefer to be on the cap site because everyone is very friendly there.

  2. Pablova Post author

    I also talked with Rene Oltra who own the camp site and it seems as though there is a 3 to 4 year waiting list. I have heard of people getting a spot after one season hence it seems to be a case of not what you know but who you know.

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