Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

10 Questions I am often asked about Cap d’Agde

Resort beach

How do I get a job at the resort?

The truth is that it is very hard to get a job in the resort because many of the shops and bars places are small privately owned establishments and also because you would need to speak French. Getting a job in a summer or winter resort is normally much easier than what it will be for you searching for one in Cap d’Agde. My recommendation is to see the resort as one for visiting as a tourist rather than to aim for as a working holiday option.

How do I get from the Airport to the Resort

You can now book an airport transfer at a fair and reasonable competitive price via A2A and they offer transport between Beziers Cap dagde’ airport, Montpellier, Tououse and all other airports serving the resort. You can book via this page.

What nationalities tend to frequent the resort?

Being a French resort and with naturism being a popular pastime in France, there are many French visitors each summer. You will also though find many visitors from the UK, USA, Germany and the Scandinavian countries, as well as from Ireland, Italy and Spain.

You also though do get visitors from a number of other countries worldwide and in the last couple of years, there has been a surge in the number of visitors from countries including Russia, India and South America. Over the course of each summer, people from over 50 countries visit this unique resort.

Is it okay to take photos on the Beach or in the Resort?

Taking photos is banned in general. You can though take private photos i.e. pictures of yourself and of your partner and friends. In other words, you need permission of the people you take pictures of. Even if you take pictures of yourselves, if it is where other people are, you are advised against taking any photos. Taking pictures on the beach of strangers can get you in trouble and you may find the police who are normally based by the main lifeguard tower get involved. Other Cap beach goers will often give you a very hard time if you try and take photos, thus it is not advisable.

If you really want to take a few photos though, you can get away with it if you find a quiet area or the inside of your own accommodation and you and your partner or friends take photos of each other. Photography is banned in that if you photograph other people without their permission, you may be breaking the Agde Council bye-laws. You will see videos that have been filmed in the resort and these are usually filmed in private in the accommodation or they have special permission and they take place usually outside of the main season.

How many people are on the beach at once? 

It was once said that up to 40,000 people are in the resort at the peak and this figure seems to get banded around. It is possible but in reality really hard to say. On asking others though in the Cap d’Agde Yahoo Group on being asked what they feel the attendance gets to in the resort, other visitors such as Ken replied “…yes, in the peak months, especially on the weekends when locals go, it is easy to imagine the population being around forty thousand…”. The difficulty in measuring the exact numbers is that for example, some people enter on season passes and other sometimes walk into the naturist area from the non-naturists beach which attaches to the naturism part. I personally would estimate that there are more like up to 20,000 in the resort at once and one or two thousand on the beach at one time.

If you are asking about numbers because you want to visit a wild and vibrant resort, or because you want to visit a quiet resort, you will in fact be getting something in the middle. There is a very lively side to the resort with all of the bars and nightclubs within the resort and you can have a great time at Cap. You do NOT though generally see much rowdiness such as what you might see in Ibiza or Benidorm. Cap is really very different and much more French in this respect. If you want somewhere quiet you can find this at Cap in many respects if you are based in the camp site and use the quieter areas of the beach. Many people say that Cap d’Agde is whatever you want it to be and I feel that this is an excellent way of expressing what the resort is like.

What kind of people visit this resort?

All types of people go to Cap d’Agde including couples, families, swingers, gay and local people. You really see all types of people at the resort. On one day when I was on the beach in the summer, it seemed to be roughly about 65% couples, 25% families and 10% singles.

You will see many couples at the resort throughout the holiday (vacation) season whilst many of the families visit the resort during the school summer holidays which are in July and August. The beach naturally ends up dividing into a family section (to the left looking with your back to the water), a swingers section (middle) and a gay section (right side). This is not a given, but in the last few years this is the way people have naturally tended to use the beach.

The accommodation types also reflect the different types of visitors with most families staying on the camp site, perhaps a higher percentage of French people and large families also on the camp site, quite a few couples in the hotel, and a mixture of straight couples, swingers and gay visitors in the main accommodation blocks. The resort is a wonderful mix of people.

If I visit for the day, are weekdays or weekends better?

If you are visiting the resort for one or two weeks, the difference between weekdays and weekends holds little importance for the most part. Many people tend to go out in the resort in the evenings every night whilst they are staying.

There is though a definite increase in the number of people you will see on the beach and out in the evenings on weekends. A large number of locals buy day passes in the summer months to enter on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and this is no more noticeable example, than in clubs on the resort such as Le Glamour. The beach also does get busier although sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between weekdays and weekends in peak season.

If you yourself wanted to, you can enter any day you wish on a day pass, which you pay for at the resort entrance, in the office. If you want to avoid more crowded times then Monday to Friday is better although in August, it is lively all week. If you want to see more younger people in the resort i.e. at the bubbles party and in the clubs, then Friday and Saturday nights are good for the clubs and Saturday and Sunday daytime for the foam (bubbles) party.

Where do I put my money? 

When people first think about visiting any naturist resort where they might find themselves nude all day, the first question I always get asked is ‘Where do I put my money and credit cards’? There are plenty of interesting and fun answers one might give but alas, there is actually an easy. Those of you who have already attended the Cap d’Agde foam parties will have one solution which comes in the form of a plastic container which acts as a necklace. You can alternatively of course walk with a small bag or your purse as you walk the beach but these plastic containers can also be a great idea, given that they are waterproof. If you apply pressure to them, they are flimsy but for a weeks holiday one of these containers at around £5 (USD$7/EUR6) do the job nicely.
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Which Airport do I need to Fly into for Cap d’Agde?

It is more a case of which airport offers the most affordable trip and which is easiest for you to get access to from your departure point of course, but if you are able to fly into Cap D’Agde Beziers International Airport, you will find yourself within a 20 minute taxi ride of the resort and this will set you back only about Euros 40. Ryanair fly into Beziers and which connect with the UK, Sweden and a few other countries.

Montpellier Airport though is used by the majority of people flying into the area to visit the resort. Montpellier has connections with most of the major international airlines and is connected with far too many cities for us to list here, suffice to say that you will find it much easier to get a flight into Montpellier unless you are one of the small % lucky enough to live by an airport such as Bristol, England, which at the time of writing, has a connection between Bristol and Beziers. Toulouse, Perpignan andCarcassonne airports are all options but only if you cannot find an affordable flight to Beziers or Montpellier airports.

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7 thoughts on “10 Questions I am often asked about Cap d’Agde

  1. John Jensen

    I read about it, and ready to go. But… I want a 2 week holiday, where I drop my clothes at the entrance, and dress when I leave for home. This is the place then ? Due to injuries I don’t walk very far – 500 meters is a long distance, will that cause problems? I travel alone (65 years retired man), is that a problem with accomodation. Tent is OK, I am a lifetime real camper, but I don’t want to drag equipment on the plane, I have problems enough getting myself there. Idea is to buy a tent, matress and rug, and give it away when leaving. Sounds OK?

  2. Pablova Post author

    Yes – it is the place for you. You do not need to walk too much in the resort if you do not want to. You can get accommodation as a single traveller yes, including in the camp site.
    You would need to go to the Decathlon store about 10 miles away though to buy a tent to be realistic.

  3. Joe Turner

    Simple solution. Book your accommodation and travel by train to Agde. Taxi to Ville de Naturiste. Time Table DB UK (took over Thomas Cook) Done 6 times.
    Less simple. Festival kit from Argos or similar and book train, taxi and pitch at CHM Oltra (they have a website). Not good for midsummer. Too hot. Done twice
    I’ve never flown down there but I have met people who have and the taxi ride seems to be an issue.
    Planning to take campervan to CHM Oltra in June. CHM Montalivet in May. Did the Suntrecker tour last June so if you can drive I would say that is the best for freedom of choice. And Suntreckers opens your horizons.Good bunch too.


    What are the new entry rules regarding day trippers. I have heard u have to a member of a naturist association if u are not staying in the resort and just visiting for the day. Please can u clarify this.

  5. Sugar Bear

    I’m going to be in the area in early October. How is Cap d’ Agde doing that time of the year? Is it dead?

  6. david

    how do you get in to the naturist village,is it at the main gate,iprople say that you have to get a pass from the internet ??

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