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3 New Cap d’Agde Reviews and Resort Reports

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What can you expect when visiting Cap d'Agde? Read 5 Cap d'Agde reviews from those who have visited!

What will it be like walking around naked and what will it be like? Let's hear others who have been and experienced.

If you have already read the Cap d'Agde eBook, and read our tips for visiting Cap d'Agde cheaply, you might be ready for these 5 reports. So let's get started! Our 1st report comes from Bob and James from Malta.

Bob and Jane's Cap d'Agde Reviews

We have just returned from our 3rd consecutive year visit to Cap d'Agde and are happy to share our ideas and feedback on the resort.

Flights to Cap d'Agde

We flew into Toulouse which means we had a 2 hour plus drive. It's a real pity that Ryanair flies to Toulouse and Marseilles from Malta but not to Beziers Airport. Beziers Airport is much closer and the best

Passes into the Resort

We had no problem getting hold of our resort entrance passes at the arrival office for our six days and we were never requested to show these passes anytime to anyone. The cost was only €30 for both. Despite some of the Cap d'Agde reviews in the past about problems at the entrance gate, all went smoothly for us.

Hotel Eve and Agence Cap Nat signage

Signage to the hotels and vacation rental offices


This time we stayed at the Oz”Inn Hotel. Fantastic hotel and staff, very good in terms of their English (given we couldn't, unfortunately, speak French). The only negative point is that the room lacks adequate lighting in the evening in our opinion. Breakfast is excellent and their parking is very safe. The Hamman area is nice but we were alone when we went there and we had to wait for the Hamman to warm up as it was switched off.

We had breakfasts at the Oz”Inn, Horizon, La Plage de Galion and from 1664 in the main square of Heliopolis. Oz”Inn was super great and so was Horizon. The others were a bit disappointing but it could be because we used to go late (close to noon)!

Enjoying a French breakfast in Cap d'Agde

Relaxing at 11 am with a in breakfast in France

Afternoons in the Resort

The pool party at Jardin de Babylon was great as always, with good action all around and fun had by all around the pool area. It is advertised as couples only but we were approached by a single French man who was good fun too.

The foam party at Le Glamour was also great. This time we opted not to book a VIP lounge and it was the right decision. Fun is everywhere for those who want it and there is plenty of choice.

Kamasutra was quiet around the main pool area but quite busy in the afternoon in the indoor Hammam and jacuzzi. The Hammam is switched on at around 2 pm. Lots of singles tend to visit the Kamasutra Hamman but not such that it becomes overcrowded. Pity, it closes early! We believe they would make a tonne of money if they kept the Hammam area open late at night. We like the fact that even the staff are dressed in sexy revealing beachwear.

The 2*2 / Histoire d'Or sauna was the best for us, although a bit too hot and it was crowded as the weather outside was very cloudy. We plan to try it out again the future when we visit Le Cap d'Agde.

Given the poor weather, we also opted not to take the long walk to the swingers area on the beach this time.

Cap d'Agde beach reviews

Dinners (Evening Meals)

For us, Waiki remains probably the best for fish but we had a good steak from Le Piment Verde (a bit hidden at the far end, opposite Waiki).

TIP: We also were a few times in Le Gymnos restaurant which we also love. They have a traditional Italian style stone oven for making pizzas so we highly recommend this place for quality pizzas!


Club reviews

In a club in Cap d'Agde

Upon arrival, on our 1st night,  we went to the Apero Party at Jardin d'Eden as we saw it advertised on a poster in the resort, only to find that there was no party at all! Alas, we instead enjoyed a stroll and a nice tapas in the square overlooking Kama Sutra and had an early night as we had been travelling since the morning.

Another disappointment was a Spicy Event advertised for Friday night at Riad 5 which was advertised as including dinner, we were told at the door there was no food so we went somewhere else.

The VIP Rooftop party at Oz”Inn was great although more tables and seating could have been provided to make it much better.

Le Melrose (2 Boulevard des Matelots) as always was too crowded and one cannot move around or socialize at all.

Le Juls is meant to be a swingers club for couples, but the average age was probably over 60s and they have very little play areas. Tantra has a good area for the mixed downstairs but (perhaps we were early) it was empty and freezing cold with the a/c. Upstairs it was very crowded and everywhere was pre-reserved so we could not even have a seat. Glamour was very busy but, again, all seating and tables were reserved and we could only stand around the dance area. The play area was empty at midnight and overcrowded at 1 am.

Overall, however, it was another super great holiday completed with some very erotic shopping sometimes at bargain prices too.

We hope that everyone who goes enjoys the overall experience like we have and we look forward to next year hoping that there will be some new places to visit too.

Jenny and James Cap d'Agde Review

Hi everyone, just got back from an amazing 10 days in Cap d'Agde! Just seems every year that it gets better! I will try and review most of the places in the resort that we visited, especially to help guide first time visitors.

1. Where to Stay

In terms of where to stay in the resort, I would say that once you are inside the village, Heliopolis, Port Nature and Port Ambonne are all very close to each other. The apartments are all in different places around the resort but certainly the ones in the Heliopolis Building do provide some good sea-views from the balcony if you have one.

Jardin Eden de Babylone is a great hotel for swinger parties and for the swinger vibe and is what I would classify as a decent hotel. Overpriced, but that is the nature of Cap d'Agde for you. These are couples type hotels and with great pool parties!

 2. 1st Time Visitors

As a newbie to Cap d'Agde, we highly recommend to try the following:

  • Foam party or as French say ‘mousse' party at Le Glamour.
  • Also Le glamour evening party club
  • Check out the beach in the daytime and which is divided into naturists, couples, gay and swinger sections. The couples and swingers areas on the beach get really lively between 3 to 5 pm.

2. Review of Clubs


Tantra is starting to become popular now. Lots of couples upstairs in the couples section with a lot of single guys downstairs or trying to get into couples section. Great to fulfil various fantasies.

Le Glamour

In Le Glamour expect to see lots of nice couples. You get two drinks with entry and the music in our view is good and the vibe perfect. The play areas were downstairs and it was quite lively.


A good place if you are a fan of techno music.

Le Jules

Located at the bottom of the Waiki restaurant, this club attracts an older crowd (in the fifties and sixties) and is quite small inside (it looks bigger than it is because of the mirrors).

Le Kamasutra

Includes a sauna with a nice pool and is perfect for chilling out at during the day and it can be an excellent place for meeting couples. The sauna 2×2 is also nice to check out when the weather for the beach is not too great

Restaurants and Food

Good restaurants in the resort include Le Ghymnos (for pizza), Le Missisippi and La Sucrane for good fish. Waiki has a nice pool and good seafood buffet. Calypso also great steak and seafood. Flora pizza also very good in Port Ambonne. and La Pilouterie is nice for breakfast and to people watch. Nothing like having a coffee here and watching sexy people stroll by. Lots of places to eat in Cap.

Took a bus to Agde city to check it out. Very easy. Bus no 4 starts right outside the naturist village. You get off at the promenade. There is a nice flea market there. Prices are much lower than Cap. The same items they sell in the village for 40 to 50 euros are 10 to 20 in town.

The highlight of our trip in the resort was the 2 foam parties and 3 pool parties we attended. The swingers pool parties were amazing and took place at Baylon and Eden. We stayed in Heliopolis and it was nice to see these hotels also. Nevertheless, the action I saw at the pool parties was something else.

Quite a lot of private parties also happening at Cap. We were lucky to attend two. One at Natureva and the other at Eden. Nice meeting 5 to 10 couples all at one go.

Tip: Carry lots of sunscreen. You can always buy in Cap.

If you need any transport in the area, Kyle from A2A taxis is your guy. He is reliable, on time and very efficient. He can arrange pick up and drop off. We used him for this one. Worked very well.

The place is amazing. You will have fun!

Cap d'Agde Reviews: by Gurpal

I just ended my holiday to Cap d'Agde and other places in Europe. This was my second solo trip to Cap and was for 8 days. I had a wonderful time so I thought I would write about my experience from this season.

I had a great stay in an apartment in the Port Nature building. The place is lively and good for people watching. My last year's stay was in the campsite with Rene Oltra and that place is suited for only genuine naturists. Any couple or single looking to stay, I feel, is much better off in an apartment in Port Nature or Heliopolis.

Kamasutra was my best experience. Each day I had a new experience. Lovely pool, lovely people, good ambience and it's the place for everyone, be it a couple or single guy. A lot of couples were there this time and single guys had many options.

2*2 sauna or La Histoire

These saunas were more lively during night time. I did go in the afternoon but it was dull with no action, whereas in the evenings there were many couples. I went there solo the 1st time and the second time with my female friend. As a solo, it was fun too but only at night.

Foam Party

The foam party was not as great as last year and this maybe is because I went on a Sunday and weekend visitors tend to pack up earlier. Last year there was a younger crowd in the twenties to thirties, but this was opposite this year. But foam party is a must try for new visitors but it's couple entry only.


Tantra – wow – what a place for clubbing, swingers, and for single visitors. It was my first time here and I was wondering what it would be like as I didn't go last year. It has two floors. The ground level has a dance floor and play area at the back. Upstairs on your left is only for couples and right again it's mixed for singles and couples. You can see many younger crowds here.

To sum up, I had a superb 8 days. For single guys, Kamasutra and tantra is the place. Will be back next year again. For everyone who will visit this season, I wish you a memorable stay. Cheers. Gurpal

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