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How the Resort is Changing

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The resort has changed quite significantly over the last 30 years although the 1970s style buildings are very much visible and a part of the resort. The long boat shaped Port Nature building and the large semi circular building which is Heliopolis still house a large number of the annual visitors. Some new buildings have changed the landscape in the village with the introduction of some luxury and high end hotels such as Natureva Spa, the Oz Inn Hotel and Jardin Eden. Hotel Eve once used to be the 1 and only hotel option but now finds itself one of 6 hotels in the resort. It is in philosophy and in the make up of the visitors if anything though that has changed so much in the last 30 years rather than the architecture within the resort.

The People

In the last decade you could have easily mistaken the resort for being in Italy or the UK if you based your impression on the language and accents you often hear in the village. Spend an afternoon on the terrace at Johnny Wokkers and you might be lucky to hear a word of French all afternoon. These days though the shift from Italian and British visitors is being matched by visitors from Russia. Accommodation prices for apartment rentals has been driven up in recent years and this is largely due to supply and demand and the willingness of many Russian visitors to pay the rates that are charged. It is not uncommon now in peak season for a hotel such as Natureva Spa to find itself sold out of rooms priced at around EUR300 a night, regardless of the economic situation. The resort really is so unique and a one of a kind in the world and prices reflect this.


The dress code in theory has never changed in that this is of course a naturist resort and clothes are not really a necessity although in the cool evenings everyone does tend to dress up when they go out in the resort, to enjoy the night-life. Over the years though, in reality things have changed and this is reflected in the number of textiled visitors there are often walking around the resort in the day time. Once you reach the beach itself things change dramatically and the good news is that the resort has maintained its core value with few textilers on the beach. The number of daytime visitors has perhaps affected this mix of the dressed and non-dressed people walking around, with larger numbers of day visitors these days, compared in years gone by.


Access in terms of flights has been changed dramatically over the last 20 years largely as a result of the low-cost airline phenomena. Airlines such as Easyjet, Air Berlin, Ryanair and Wizz now all offer routes into Beziers or Montpellier and getting to the resort is now easier than it ever has been. Live in Bristol, England for example and you can literally leave your house and find yourself walking through the resort entrance gate within a matter of hours. Visiting the resort is now easier than ever and this perhaps is another reason why the prices of staying in the resort has risen in parallel.

Types of Visitors

In the early days of the resort in the 70s, the visitors were mostly genuine naturist. This group of visitors now largely base themselves within the Rene Oltra camp site inside its own area in the resort. These days the resort is a much greater mix of special interest groups and these can be broken down into gay, naturist, swinging, couples and the inbetweeners. The resort is a fascinating mix of interests and cultures and this makes the resort the interesting place it is.


A lot certainly has changed over the last 20 years in Cap dAgde but the good news is that one of the thing which matters most has stayed constant. The great weather than makes the resort a fairly reliable holiday destination if you visit in June, July or August, is the one thing which keeps us all happy in these parts! Let us hope in the future though that some of the old traditions can return especially with the number of people embracing the lifestyle choice in this resort.

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3 thoughts on “How the Resort is Changing

  1. G. Ledger

    We are naturists, and we do not have a problem with the adult style activity that takes place.
    What bothers us is the fact that during the day there is less naturism many people fully dressed and many wearing towels. There should be more done to ensure people shed their clothes certainly during the day.

  2. Martin warren

    I am here in cap at the moment and have been here already for 6 weeks with another 6 weeks to go. Pure heaven. I think this place would be a lot better if they got rid of all the swingers on the beach, shut down the swingers clubs, clothing shops and went back to genuine family naturism. Which why this place was created in the first place. In the campsite here you have to produce a naturist card or buy one of theirs to obtain entry. It’s all prim and proper naturism at the front door and on the beach anything goes. it’s a farce.

  3. Peter Row

    G. Ledger I agree. I was over there 3 years ago and found that a lot of people walk around dressed. If they want to be clothies, why go there in the first place. I would like to find a better place where people do not wear anything as that is the point of the resort!

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