Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Noilly Prat – Day Trip Visit from Cap dagde

Noily Prat samples

Noily Prat sample tasting

The truth is that you do not need to leave the resort at all, even if you are staying for a few months, because there really is everything you will need within the confines of the village itself. Shops, supermarkets, pool parties, nightclubs, beach, bars, saunas, a range of shops and plenty more. Many visitors to Cap d’Agde village though, do like to take a chance to embrace French culture and the surrounding area around Agde is wonderful if you decide to explore the textile clothing areas.Of all the day trips I have done in the local area outside of the resort village, my favourite is the small village of Marseillan and the tour of Noilly Prat. Let me explain more to you below.

The Noilly Pratt Tour

noily prat museum

The tour of Noilly Prat

If you are wondering what on earth ‘Noilly Pratt’ is, it is a specific and internationally acclaimed type of wine which is made in Marseillan, a village which is only 5 miles from Cap d’Agde village. Noilly Prat allow you to do tours of the winery, to learn about the history of this family created wine and to sample 5 versions of the wine on completion of the tour. The tour is very cheap, i.e. around five Euros, and the tour itself takes roughly one hour.

Wine casket

Before being taken over by Bacardi-Martini, Noilly Prat were a family run business, having first started with Joseph Noilly in 1813. This aromatic vermouth is now exported worldwide. Visit the store here though, which is at the end of the museum, and you can buy one version which is ONLY available in the shop and in a couple of stores, Ambre Noilly Prat.

Noilly Prat bottle

If you have never tried Noilly Prat before, you have a chance to buy a few bottles and to take them back to Cap d’Agde.

Museum entrance

More about Noilly Part in Marseillan


One of the great things about Marseillan is that, if you are staying in Cap d’Agde, you can actually cycle straight there. The route is manly flat and can be done in roughly one hour, although it does of course depend on your fitness level. When you leave the resort out of the main entrance, to the right as you are cycling with your back to the resort, is a rural cycling path which takes you directly towards the small village of Marseillan. The journey is roughly 8 miles and a pleasant ride in the summer months.


Cap d’Agde to Marseillan Cycle Route

Cap dagde to Marseillan

Other Useful Information

  • Where to stay – If you are planning to stay a night in Marseillan to enjoy the local restaurants and bars in addition to visiting the Noilly Prat tour, before or after heading to Cap dAgde, then I can recommend La Casa Occitane
  • Seafood Restaurant – My favourite place to eat in Marseillan is Gaec Chez Titin (3 Chemin de L’etang) and which is a short walk from Noilly.
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