Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Fitness Opportunities at Cap d’Agde

Gym fitness

There are a number of ways to keep fit and healthy in Cap d’Agde, some obvious and some not so. Below are 10 good options for keeping fit whilst in the resort.


There are a couple of options for gym equipment in the resort, one outdoor and one indoor. If you are looking for a fully equipped gym then the best option is the gym in Natureva Spa hotel. You do not have to be staying in the hotel in order to use the gym and payment options including for the day, week, a month or season pass. I have been in the gym and, whilst it is not huge, it is perfectly suitable for what you are likely to need i.e. with enough machines, free weights and mats etc. They also offer a range of classes including for yoga and Pilates.

The other option is the outdoor gym area in the camp site. This is only accessible though if you are staying in the Rene Oltra camp site in the resort (the only camp site there is). There is limited equipment and, if using it, you are open to everyone watching and they walk close by on the way to the beach to and from the camp site, meaning that there is not much privacy. Indeed, the gym in Natureva Spa is really your best option but, if you want something free and just to do some basic exercises, the outdoor gym might well be sufficient for you.


A number of people use the beach for jogging in the early mornings i.e. between 7am and 10am. Before 10 am, the beach is usually quiet enough still for jogging along the seafront. Running on the hard sand by the water edge is a great workout and it is a really nice time of the day to enjoy the seafront, before the crowds arrive. If you ever doubted the benefits of beach running, you might want to read this. Beach running, for example, is said to burn 30% more calories than road running, because your feet sink slightly deeper into the sand and more energy is thus needed. From an experience point of view though, this is a wonderful way to appreciate what is a stunning view when the sun is out.


My wife and I stayed in “Hotel Eve” in the resort many years ago and, because this hotel is on the edge of the resort and furthest of all accommodation inside the resort, from the beach, we did a lot of walking every day as we trudged to the beach, shops, around the bars and to and from the hotel several times each day. We loved it and yet many people complain that the hotel is too far from the beach.

Walking is a great way to enjoy the resort and keep fit, without having to make too much of a concerted effort such as when going to the gym. What we also tended to do was make sure we did at least two full beach walks every day, meaning the full length and both ways of the beach and twice. That should equate, I believe, to around 5 miles (8Km) of walking every day and certainly helps to keep some level of basic fitness. The beautiful thing about this form of exercise is that walking up and then down the beach can be enjoyed as you people watch and enjoy dipping into the water along the way.

No Rope Skipping

The idea of skipping without any rope might at first seem peculiar but, as you can see from the video below, it is not only possible but an extremely good idea. The real benefit of no rope skipping is that, in a place such as Cap d’Agde, this is perfect if you have limited space, want to avoid having to carry any fitness equipment and want to avoid any costs, whilst still getting a great fitness work-out! Take a look at the video and see what you think. No rope skipping is what I started to do in my camp spot last season and it’s a great idea!


It is possible in the resort to rent a bicycle but many people bring their own, at least if they are staying in the camping area. Outside of the resort, there are 25 miles of cycle paths and they link all areas of Agde and Cap d’Agde, including Le Grau d’Agde. One of the nicest rides to do that we enjoyed very much was the route between le Cap d’Agde and the small fishing town of Sete. France, in general, is a very bicycle friendly place and routes tend to be very well planned and sign-posted and relatively easy to follow. (You can find some decent information here).


There is a volleyball court on the beach to the left of Le Glamour, as you view the beach looking towards the water. You can buy a volleyball from the ‘Green Bazaar’ in the Heliopolis building or, alternatively, there is a Decathlon sports store in Beziers. The nets are normally always up and the court can be used as you wish.

Other Choices

  • There are water aerobic classes in the pool in Port Ambonne every season – every morning at 11.15am.
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