Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Tips and Advice for Preparing for a Visit to Cap d’Agde


If you are planning a trip down here to the resort, there are certainly some things you can do to prepare for in order to get the most you can out of your stay. Let me guide you through some ideas for things worth considering or doing believe you leave and set out towards Cap d’Agde.


Perhaps not the most exciting thing to think about when planning for a trip to a resort of this nature and thus easy to forget. If you are bringing any devices such as a hair-dryer or electric shaver or laptop as a few examples, do not forget to bring a plus which will convert the currency on between your item/device and the French electrical sockets. The local system down here uses a 2 pin plug most often. I would recommend to bring down 2 or 3 of these plugs and which these days cost around £5 a pop from a shop such as Boots or in the airport.


If you are driving down to the resort such as from the UK, do not rely on the SatNav. There are different routes down through France and one goes via the Millau Bridge and is a beautiful scenic route. I have written a previous post on driving to Agde but here also is some feedback from one of the forum contributors ‘Itchy’.

“Last year on a Wednesday night we went through the tunnel at 23.00 then drove through night all the way stopping every couple of hours for a break. I did all the driving. My wife did offer to chip in with some of the driving but I declined. We arrived in Cap about 10.00am.  We live in Kent only a 30 minutes drive from Folkestone. I had planned to get my head down in the afternoon before we travelled but never got the chance. We are going again this year and I will definitely make sure I get some sleep this time before we set off. We made the journey home on a Sunday in the daytime and never again!. The nightmare of a journey was stop and start all the way. My wife wanted to visit Monet gardens so I think we will do this on the way home stopping somewhere overnight this time. If you are using the tunnel then pay for it with Tesco Clubcard vouchers and you can save a small fortune. Although check-in was not until the afternoon with Rene Oltra in the camp site, I did not bat an eyelid when we arrived in the morning for our pitch given that the spots are often ready on arrival. We were travelling in a 4×4 with a tent and and as far as I know I kept within the speed limits. So my advice is get some decent sleep in the day time. Then get the train at Folkestone about 20.30 – 21.00 and then drive all the way with coffee and sandwich breaks every few hours.”

Driving through France

If you are driving to Agde, be prepared!

And feedback from Martin:
“I have driven down to Agde many times and will do so again in a few weeks time. I always get an early ferry from Dover to Calais like around 7am and then drive all day stopping for the night just the other side of Cleremont Ferrand and sleep for a few hours. Then I carry on and arrive in the morning. I tow my caravan so stopping is not so much of a problem for a few hours shut eye. In previous years I have always gone via Paris and onto Cleremont that way but I am fed up with getting lost in Paris. So this year I have decided to go via Rheims and Lyon. I know it’s more for the tolls and a slightly, like 50 miles more to drive. But I have been that way before and I find it a better road (3 lane each way) with less hills and mountains to climb. Plus as I always get lost in Paris and it seems to take ages to get out. Last year the SatNav took me down a one way street that was getting narrow and narrower. Not recommended when towing a caravan wider than the car!”


It is the easiest thing in the world to pack too much for Cap d’Agde. We always find that we return with 75% of the clothing we took, unused and still clean. You simply need very little in the way of clothes except for the interesting evening wear you plan to use when going out in the evenings in the resort. If you are staying in one of the apartments they usually supply towels, as do the hotels such as Natureva Spa in the resort. You can actually knock of half of the cost of a Ryanair flight if you travel without any hold baggage (depending on the fare you get). Or if you are two people travelling together, one suitcase and two carry on bags can ave you £50 or so for the second hold back you avoid taking. You really do not need that much for Cap. Travelling with a Kindle rather than taking lots of books can further can you space, or travelling with an iPad rather than a laptop.

Spring in Languedoc

The resort opening in spring time.


Do try and already have let  us say 100 Euros oin cash on you for when you arrive. An airport such as Beziers Airport is small and if there is a cash point, then I have not seen it. 100 Euros is easily enough to get you to the resort if you find you have to get a taxi if one is available (should cost around 40 Euros one way from Beziers airport to the resort entrance).

Frame of Mind

Everyone who has been to Cap has on their first visit had to deal with that unique and surreal feeling you experience when first arriving at the resort. The atmosphere in the resort is decidedly relaxed and once you take a walk onto the start of the beach, you will be immediately at ease. If you are unsure if you would like Cap because of the clothes free nature of the resort, maybe take a trip to a local naturist sauna and get familiar once or twice with walking around in your birthday suit. Having experienced this once or twice will make it easy for you once you are in Cap d’Agde.

Other Ideas

  • Accommodation – Check Airbnb for budget accommodation in the resort at a reduced rate. (Also get £15 free accomm credit.
  • Shaving – If you plan to do any body shaving then it can be better to do this just before leaving, rather than getting this done in the resort. This allows a few days for your skin to repair and avoids the salt water from stinging.
  • Plastic containers – My wife and I always take 2 or 3 small plastic rectangular containers (like lunch boxes) which fit inside each other (for easy packing) and which we then use for taking fresh fruit in (which we cut and chop up) and then eat during the day on the beach. Having fresh peaches and other fruits can be quite refreshing in the middle of the August sunshine as it beats down. (It’s a hard life in Cap).

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