Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Unusual Holidays Abroad – Self-Discovery at Le Cap d’Agde

If you are looking for unusual holidays abroad look no further!

Yiu may have already ticked off locations such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Paris, a safari and walking through Times Square in NYC, off of your bucket list, you might want next to visit Cap d'Agde and the world largest naturist resort.

So maybe it is now time for a holiday or vacation with a real difference. A visit to the worlds biggest and most fun naturist resort!

Unusual Holidays Abroad with a visit to Cap d'agde

Cap d'Agde resort entranced in France

Unusual Holidays Abroad – Why is Cap d'Agde Unique and Special?

Ever been on a holiday where:

  • Not one of the 10,000 plus people on the beach wears a swimsuit?
  • You can go shopping, to the post office, supermarket and bars in your birthday suit?
  • The resort is enclosed and has everything you could possibly need including dozens of bars, a dozen restaurants, several hotels and shopping area and a long sandy beach and all within the naturist zone?!
  • You can learn to appreciate your own body and go on a journey of self-discovery?!

A Learning Experience – Learning about Yourself

Cap d'Agde as a resort is a place you can visit to feel comfortable with nature itself and with your own body, a place where you learn to accept your own body.

Other trips provide their own liminal zones and experiences. For a visitor to Cap d'Agde, the unique experience of walking along the mile-long beach with thousands of other similarly au naturel holidaymakers can be a great way to rediscover oneself.

One lady who visits each year after discovering the resort two years ago, reports that seeing her body physical change to that of a busy mother, with little time for doing the exercise she enjoyed as a student, visiting Cap was a chance to regain her confidence. Feeling very awkward at first, within 2 days she was hooked on the resort and has not looked back since.

Cap d'Agde beach

The experience has enabled her to regain the confidence she had before pregnancy. Experiencing the resort has given her extra confidence and given her the drive now to be able to return to the workplace and to be the confident and strong person she was in her university days. Such experiences and stories are common, on talking to visitors to this resort on the south coast of France.

What makes this resort even more interesting is the mix of nationalities from France, UK, North America, Australia, Italy, Russia, Finland and many other countries. If you are feeling brave, then this information below will help you in getting there. Entering and the resort is in your hands!

Getting Cap d'Agde

By Train i.e. SNCF

Try searching for Cap d'Agde on the French train timetables and you will NOT find a station. This is because you need to look for the station name of ‘Agde'. Agde is the town and the train station is located in the heart of the town. The town centre is roughly 4 miles (about 3km) from the resort and is a short 15-minute taxi ride (if a taxi is available) from outside of the main train station.

Bucket list challenge

Driving to Cap d'Agde

Many people drive down to the Sète and Agde areas to explore these towns, both of which are popular fishing towns flanked by the Balearic Sea to the south. One of the single most popular attractions in France though, after Euro Disney and Paris itself, is the resort at Le Cap d'Agde.

If you are driving from northern Europe or the UK, the trip down itself can be a great experience in its own right. Many people make this trip so that they can drive down in their own motor-home or bring down their own caravan and taking the route which allows you to see the stunning Millau Bridge, which provides stunning views of the local region.

One thing I would warn you is that the French road police are quite strict on the speed limits so, no matter how excited you are to start your holiday in Agde, do try and keep to the speed limits, unless you want an on the spot fine. Your StaNav or other navigational devices more than likely will not take you via the Millau Bridge route, so you will need to program into the system your preferred route.


  • Beziers Cap d'Agde Airport is the closest location you can fly into. This small regional airport is served by a few small airlines, the main of which is Ryanair.
  • You can also consider flying into Montpellier, Toulouse or Carcassonne airports. Montpellier is the easiest option for a lot of people, because a lot of the traditional national airlines such as British Airways, AirFrance and Alitalia fly into this size-able airport

Cap d'agde Beziers airport

Useful Information on the Resort

There is little point in visiting the resort between the months of October and May because the resort is all but closed down in the winter months, the weather understandably too cold and unsuitable for the nature of this resort. You'd be walking with nothing but goosebumps! The naturist resort is very much a seasonal resort and, during the peak months, there can be an estimated 30,000 tourists or more at one time staying in the resort.

There is no absolute requirement that you must walk around in the buff all the time at the resort, although it is certainly the point of this very unique destination and why not embrace the chance to really learn to be at one with your own body and to gain the confidence that you have perhaps lost in the middle years?!

Where to stay:

  • The Oz Inn Hotel is a popular option and located inside the resort.
  • Natureva Spa Hotel is also inside the clothing-optional resort.
  • If you prefer camping, Rene Oltra controls the campsite and this is also inside the resort.

You might also need an Airport Transfer or VIP transfer.

Sometimes you have to do the unthinkable, the seemingly dangerous (in a cognitive but not literal sense), and just live life on the travel edge and experience new things, places, peoples, foods and cultures.

Few people ever regret trying different forms of travel be it a trip to Cap d'Agde, one's first ever snorkelling experience or a trip driving across Canada. You might want to do these things and live life to the full whilst still on this planet yourself. Try a new country, a new experience, taste a new food and speak with new people each year, from a different culture. Take a chance and experience something new!

Guest Post by Sian Phillips from Newport, Wales.

Interested in visiting the World's Biggest Naturist Village – Cap d'Agde in the south of France?

Visitors guide for Cap d'Agde naturist resort

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Naturist blogger who live in Agde, France.

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    I am planning to visit in May around 20 to 23 in 2019 .
    Is it good time to visit Cape de Agde or am I too early .
    What would the weather and water temperature be like .
    Also do we get vegetarian food in the village .
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