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Cap d’Agde Resort Swimming Pools

Sailing in the south France

Swimming Pools

The question of what swimming pools exist within the resort and why people would use them, when you have a whole ocean there, has been an interesting topic in the Yahoo group lately. So let me share the key points with you. Jardin d’Eden and Jardins de Babylone are both private pools and for couples only, but both of the residences have pool parties. I think it is Wednesdays for Eden and Fridays for Babylone. Then there are 3 main public pools, where you can rent loungers and there is a set price for the day or half day if you arrive late afternoon.

These are: the pool above the Kama Sutra sauna by the sea at Port Nature, the Waikiki Beach pool at the other end of the main avenue between Port Nature and the main square where the Melrose is. The pool also boasts a really good, but expensive Waikiki restaurant. Finally, there is a pool in Port Ambonne which is surrounded by bars and restaurants. By the way, Maxime’s restaurant is excellent for value for money and fantastic atmosphere and they have good bands/singers there too. Fish soup recommended if you fancy something warm on those cooler evenings!

Hotel Eve has a small but attractive pool and a rooftop Jacuzzi, there is a great indoor pool and spa at Natureva, plus the Oz’Inn have a new roof layout, so probably there is a brand new Jacuzzi/pool up there. There are also other private pools e.g. Port Venus and Port Soleil where we are. Nothing naughty goes on there, but great for swimming and sunbathing and ours has been re-tiled inside the pool area this year, so will be nice to try out!

Why Use the Pools?

Or put another way by one person, “Why would you want to go to a swimming pool (chlorine) at a beach resort when  you could swim in the sea?”

  • “Personally, I love the pool but then I like swimming lengths rather than just having a dip. Sea can be a bit rough for swimming and there’s the safety issue, but I love swimming in the sea too. Also our pool is so close, so it’s almost just downstairs for us.Plus you’ve got a nice bar nearby and loungers and shade if you want it if you’re at one of the pools. The chlorine isn’t as bad as in the UK either. Just my personal view;  I know a lot of people who will only swim in the sea!. The other thing is that they do pool aerobic classes at 11.15 every morning in the pool in Port Ambonne. The Port Ambonne and other Port Nature pool are round whereas the Waikiki pool is rectangular (for all of you who like a good swim!)
  •  “Well, as mentioned by others, the temperature is a huge win. At least last year mid July the sea was freezing cold. For thrill seekers a couples-only swimming pool does seem like an attractive alternative to the beach 🙂
  • “You can swim in the Waikiki beach pool for the price of a coffee. Great for keeping fit!”

Other Updates

The season is slowly getting going although this June has been a little unusual because of the the French strikes which have affected flights, trains and petrol stations. Add onto that flooding in Paris and middle parts of France, these things have all had an impact on Cap d’Agde resort in one way or another. Many people driving down from the UK have problems with road closures due to flooding, although many of these roads are now opening. These issues and the latest from the resort below:

Strikes, flooding and Road Closures in France

I would recommend checking the AutoRoutes France when planning your journey down through France if you are driving. Also, given the chance of air strikes this June, make sure to check your airlines website the day before and morning of the flight. The French unions seem to be using Euro 2016 as the perfect opportunity to fight with the government, the unions knowing that thousands of travellers will be arriving in France for the Euro matches. I suspect that things will be back to normal for July and August, although you never know with the French unions.

Mousse Parties

A brand new area is being built, which includes a swimming pool for the new mousse area. The new area should be bigger and better and at the time of writing now in June, it is still being worked on. I suspect the parties should begin around the start of July and go through until September.

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