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Visiting Paris and Best Places to Stay


For those of you who will be travelling to Agde from USA, Canada and Australia, the first port of call is often Paris, France, and my recommendation is to try and include a couple of days to stay in this dazzling city. Your choice to fly into Paris might have been a natural choice given the number of airlines who use this city as a hub for flights to the rest of France, including to Beziers, Montpellier and Carcassone airports which serve Cap d’Agde. Do consider taking the time to see another side of France i.e the capital and enjoy attractions such as the Louvre, see a show such as Moulin Rouge, enjoy one of the walking tours near the Seine, or a trip up the Eiffel Tower.

Once in Paris, there are a few options for then getting down to Le Cap d’Agde. You can travel by train to Agde, rent a car or fly down to Beziers Cap d’Agde airport or Montpellier airport. I personally enjoying taking the train down to Agde train station and then jumping in a taxi to the resort because I love to travel and see the French countryside as I cruise down on the high speed train. You might though find that you can get a good connection between Paris and Montpellier airport or Beziers airport (both are suitable places to aim for and fairly easy to get to the resort from) and if so, you might not need to stay in Paris at all. Paris is a great city though and you really might want to add on a couple of days to see Moulin Rouge and the Louvre. (Make sure also to read about driving to Agde).

Staying in Paris

There are several excellent short-term holiday and vacation rental apartments in Paris. Hotels, pensions and apartments are all options. For 3 days or more, Paris apartments can mean cost saving, more space and better facilities quite often.

A lot of requests and einquiriescome in about accommodation in Paris as many of you fly into Paris and often require some time in Paris to make your trip a multi-center holiday i.e. using Paris and Cap d’Agde. If you plan to stay just for the one night then a hotel is your best bet. A hotel by the airport or near to the Paris Gare de Lyon train station is a particularly good choice if you plan to get to Agde by train.

Recommended Hotels

Mercure Paris Terminus Nord
12 Boulevard De Denain.
A cost effective and charming hotel which we often stay in when we are in Paris, particularly given that it is located just across from one of the main train stations, Gare du Nord. Great location and nice hotel.

Hotel The Peninsula Paris
19 avenue Kleber
If you are interested in a 5 star hotel option, you cannot do much better than The Peninsula. I have stayed in this hotel only once because a client paid for the stay. If you can afford it, there are few betters hotels in Paris.

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris
10 Avenue D’Iéna
This hotel has been recommended to me by three different American regulars who come to Cap every summer and who stop-over in Paris each summer on the way home. fellow Cap d’Agde visitors.

Adagio Paris Tour Eiffel
14 rue du Théâtre
A good sized hotel which is perfect for those of you looking for a lower price than the 5 star hotels but somewhere very central and still with a very good level of luxury.

Must See

If you are staying in Paris for a few nights two things you must do are:

Moulin Rouge

Paris shows


One of the best shows to see in Paris and one that those of you who are then heading down to Cap d’Agde are likely to appreciate and enjoy.

The Louvre

You will no doubt heard of the stories of how small the Mona Lisa is in real life but the Louvre really is worth a visit and make sure also to visit the Yaccov Agam exhibition which is also in the Louvre.


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