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Upcoming New Season at Cap Agde

Apartments neat Port Nature

Another season is approaching and just with every season in the past, there have been changes and the resort continues to evolve and change. So what is new this year and what can you expect this season. Below we take a look at the coming season.


Every year it seems to be a merry-go-round in terms of flight routes with some new routes and others closing down. Some tips from readers of our yahoo group:

  • Flybe airlines has stopped flying to Beziers next year 2014, so if are thinking of making
    plans to fly to Beziers next year, then I would book asap, in the end we booked with Ryanair at Luton airport! Flights from Southampton to Beziers have been cut from the schedule.
  • New flights are now scheduled between Bremen in Germany and Beziers airport. More information from the airport website.


The cost of staying the resort seems to be going up above inflation every year and I put this down to the sheer demand of the resort. This demand has been driven in part by a large influx of Russian visitors who are willing to pay higher prices and although out of the price range of many of us, many visitors seem willing to spend EUR505 a night for a luxury spot in the camp site.

Stays in Natureva Spa and some of the other new hotels in the resort have taken us way beyond the price ranges of the days of when Hotel Eve was sole heir to hotel stays in the resort. A lot of money has been pumped into the village and many people seem willing to pay EUR250 – 500 a night. Do not be concerned though as prices ranges vary greatly to stay in the resort. Rent a camp spot and take your own caravan and you are looking at closer to EUR35 a night! Rent an apartment and expect to pay anything between EUR80 and EUR200 a night.

Resort restaurant

Trains from London – Advice

  • In France you change trains at either Lille or Paris. Booking clerks will always try to send you via Paris unless you specifically ask for Lille. Admittedly there are more services via Paris but crossing that city by metro can be a pain unless you know your way around. At Lille, the change is no more than a change of platform.
  • If you are feeling very adventurous you can take a late afternoon train to Paris. Spoil yourself with an evening Dinner and take the sleeper to Narbonne. In the morning, have breakfast at Narbonne and be at the Cap d’Agde gates by 9 am. It costs a bit more but is my preference.
  • Bearing in mind that the check-in time at St Pancras is 20 minutes (with no baggage check-in or baggage charges) and that the transfer at Agde is a short bus ride (instead of an expensive and time consuming airport transfer) I suggest it compares well with anything other than the cheapest of cattle class air travel.

Do not forget though that you can visit our page on train travel to the resort for more information.

Early in the Season

In the months leading up to when the masses arrive in the resort (i.e. in June and July – see our report on months to visit) the resort is still worth visiting if you also want to see the village when it is peaceful. When it is colder here we have the beach virtually to ourselves some days, and on others you will still see quite a few couples walking along. There are a few bars and restaurants open, Le Glamour and the couples sauna open at weekends, and the mixed sauna open all week. The new bakery outside the entrance to Port Ambonne is now open every day until 5pm, which is great.

Close by (outside the resort village), you can also visit the recently opened swimming pool/leisure complex, l’Archipel d’Eau, in Agde. It is very well designed, with just the right water temperature for swimming in one pool and relaxing in the other fun pools and jacuzzis. Only 5 Euros entrance for residents and there are various discounts available.  There are plenty of things to do in the area out of season, and there are also English speaking groups arranging various activities throughout the year. AGLR for example. In a couple of years this place is going to be given something of a makeover, with the new buildings and car park near the entrance and the pedestrianization of the main route leading from the entrance to the beach.

If you are coming for the crowds then the main summer months without question are the best time for you to visit. If you also want to see the resort when its peaceful and you are not worried about the weather then most weekends can be good here.

Internet Access

With each year that goes by I always have this hope that the resort will finally have internet access which is reliable and available to everyone in the resort. The camp site provides access but the quality of the service seems to always be according to how close or far one is from the masts which provide the service. One hopes that the service will one day be fast an constant but I would not hold your breathe! A lot of you reported problems accessing the internet again on the camp site and let us hope the system is improved. In the rental apartments, more and more apartments are gradually getting connected, as owners realise that internet access makes their property more rentable. The progress though is slow but getting there.

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  1. Tom Right

    isn’t it quite odd, awkward and certainly out of the atmosphere that everyone at the resort is unclothed and only the staff at the shops and taverns are fully dressed, as if they work in middle of Paris? They could at least wear swimming cloths. But the way the situation is now, it is quite funny and a bit annoying. Dressed people there are like foreign bodies! Any thoughts about this?

  2. raul

    its my first time on the resort can you tell me whats is the best way to come to resort cap adge from paris.Thanks

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