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In this post some Cap d'Agde photos and a brief explanation about the resort!

Cap d'Agde seafront photos

Cap d'Agde Photos – You can lie in your birthday suit on a hired sunbed on the beach, close to the water's edge. In the mornings the beach is especially beautiful

The naturist resort boasts a stunning mile-long soft sandy beach that is also quite wide and can provide ample space for the thousands of visitors who tend to arrive every summer. The months June, July, August and the first half of September tend to be high-season and the busiest period.

Arriving into Beziers Cap dagde airport

Arriving at Cap d'Agde Beziers airport entrance

Before enjoying the daily long walks on the beach in your birthday suit, on your vacation, you have to get there of course! The closest airport serving the resort is the fairly petite regional airport (but extremely convenient) Cap d'Agde Beziers International airport. Only a few airlines use this airport with flights to and from the UK, Germany, Sweden, and France, with Ryanair as the main provider. Beziers airport is roughly 20 minutes by cab or by shuttle service.

Getting close to the naturist resort

Driving into the resort as you approach Le Cap d'Agde

If it's your first time, this surreal experience begins to feel ever more real as you come close to the resort entrance and begin to see signposts for the naturism quarters, The sense of anticipation as you get closer to the resort is inevitable.

Resort signage

Directions into the naturists' entrance

As you drive up to the entrance gates, the Village Naturiste is so close you will find the heart beating the first time you visit, given how surreal this resort is! You are now only a matter of meters away and the fun is about to begin. This is a resort like no other in the world. Get ready to see thousands of people in their birthday suits.

Cap d'Agde shops photos

Travel agency shops just inside the resort entrance

At the main entrance to the resort, you will normally be expected to have to register in the main office and pay a small fee for entry to the resort. This is usually between 10 and 20 Euros. Once then inside the resort, i..e once you have left what some affectionately know as the textile area (i.e. clothed area), you are free to strip off.

Just inside the main entrance, you will also see several of the main travel agencies that provide accommodation in the resort.

Day visitors

The aerial shot below gives a great opportunity to see how the resort looks from above. There are a number of buildings that lead towards the beach. Notice also though the green space on the top right of the photo. This is where the camping area is, parallel to the beach.

Sky view of the resort

Aerial view of the resort at Le Cap d'Agde – Cap d'Agde Photos

Once inside you are free (and expected) to walk around with as little as you can, i.e .nothing, on your body. In recent years, there has been an increasing use of sarongs, but certainly, on the beach itself, expect to see thousands of people in their birthday suits.

Walking past a restaurant in the resort

There are a number of restaurants, bars and cafes in the resort. This is one of my favourite Cap d'Agde Photos because it encapsulates the resort and what it is about.

You can walk around the whole resort, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without wearing anything at all. The resort has everything you are likely to need, with several supermarkets, bars, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes and so on. There is even a post office, garage, swimming pools, dozen of shops and much more!

The beach at Le Cap d'Agde at night

Cap d'Agde beach at night – Photo by Michael Janich

In the evenings, when the beach slowly empties from around 7 pm onwards, the bars, nightclubs and restaurants liven up. Many locals also come in on weekends because of the wild and lively night scene in the resort.


When staying in the resort, there are a number of accommodation options and these include staying in the campsite, in one of the hotels, or in one of the various apartments that can be rented. There is a wide choice of options, including the Riad Guest House/Hotel ComplexNatureva Spa Hotel and Oz Inn Hotel.

Hotel Eve pool area - Cap d'Agde Photos

Hotel swimming pool at Hotel Eve in Agde village

Most of the hotels have their own swimming pool and relaxation areas and all are within a short walking distance of the beach (as long you book one of the 3 listed above).

Camping in France

Being in the Mediterranean coast, temperatures in the summer months float around 30 Celsius at the peak. It tends to be hot enough but not overly humid. It can get windy sometimes because of the Mistral winds quite common in this part of France, but generally in the summer, months you can expect a very pleasant climate.

The resort marina

The marina within the naturist resort

If researching the resort do not get confused by the main marina in Cap d'Adge and the marina that exists within the naturist resort. If booking accommodation, and you are told that you will be close to the marina, make sure you are talking about the one inside the naturist quarters!

Cap d'Agde Photos and the bars

Sea-view from Wokkers bar – now renamed Ô2 BïZouX

One of the best bars for an afternoon drink close to the beach is Johhny Wokkers bar (know known as Ô2 BïZouX). Johhny no longer owns the bar but the name has been retained and is popular particularly with English speaking visitors and a good place for networking and meeting fellow travellers.

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