Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Internet Access

Internet access

A more and more common question which is coming up these days is a reflection on how important technology is to us on holiday or vacation now. iPad, mobile (cellular) phones and laptop access is now expected by most of us these days. Cap Village being in France is not the most forward moving place when it comes to Internet and WiFi access but it does exist – if you are in the right accommodation type and/or get lucky with the position of your camp spot of mobile home in the camping area.

Internet fees

Camp Site Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)

Wireless Internet access is now available throughout the site and from my own personal experience and from talking too many other people staying on the site, the access is definitely good enough. It can sometimes be patchy and slow though, but at least there is WiFi access across the camp site. Several people do actually get a few hours work done by taking a working holiday whilst on the camp site. Prices are very reasonable and you can for a day, few days or a week. If you just need access to sometimes check emails and surf the web , then the access on the camp site should be sufficient. If you need more reliable and faster Internet access, you are maybe better off also using the service from Baskin Robbins (see below).

Prices are shown below and were correct at the time of writing this post (I will endeavour update the prices as needed). Rene Oltra now offer internet access on the camp site by the hour, day, week or season so if you plan to stay in the camp site all summer, this is a great option. Do be warned though that there is no guarantee of connection and when you are connected it can often be very slow.

Do you have experience of using the Internet connection for wirless access within the camping area? Let us know about your experiences so that we can add advice on this page other other visitors to the camp site We would love to hear from you: email paul (at)

Internet Access in the apartments

If you are staying in the apartments and accommodation blocks then it can be difficult to get Internet access unless you are renting one of the private apartments which have satellite and Internet set up. What you can do is go into the office in the Commercial Centre shops and you’ll see the office. You can buy a password from them. The problem is that it can sometimes to too much of a weak signal. That was the experience I and a few others had and truth be told, Internet access can be pot luck. If having access in your accommodation os that important to you, make sure to ask when booking if the accommodation has Internet access or is within range of the wifi signals you can pay to use.

Resort Access for Internet

The best option for Internet access if you are not staying on the camp site is to go into ‘Baskin’ at the end of Port Nature, Cap d’Agde. Here they provide a very decent service for Internet via your own laptop or on one of their desktops which is set up inside the restaurant / bar.

Baskin Robbins

iPhone Access and Pay As You Go mobile broadband dongles

Several people also access the internet through their mobile phones i.e. via Blackberry or iPhone and this very much depends on your own personal telephone plan. It can be a nightmare if you have a non-French iPhone for access on WiFi. The Pay as You Go dongles often do not work – from feedback from readers of this site. Pay as you go Dongles are not the best option.

WiFi in the Hotels

The hotels such as Hotel Eve and Jardin Eden do have Internet access and if you stay in the more expensive hotels on the resort, access should be possible. I am not sure what the prices are for this season.