Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Chalets and Mobile Homes


You have several options when it comes to the different types of accommodation available on the camp-site  You can choose from:

  • Hiring a camp spot and then pitching up your own tent, car, mobile home or caravan.
  • Staying in one of the mobile homes which are pemanently fixed in position in some spots and which are rented out.
  • Choose to rent one of the chalets which are available for 2, 4 or 6 people.

Camping Spot Pitches

The choice really depends on your budget and preference. The cheapest option for example, if budget is your main consideration, is to rent a spot pitch and then to make yourself a nice set-up with a couple of large tents, gazebo and also perhaps use your car to also be a part of the set-up i.e. use your vehicle for storage or to attach the gazebo to.

Mobile Homes

Staying in one of the static mobile homes (some are connected directly to the sewage system) are a great way to have more of a luxury type experience as opposed to roughing it in a tent. The static units which are available for rent are owned by the camp site owners, Rene Oltra. The options include the

  • Mobile home Mobil-home Isis (4 people)
  • Mobile home Mobil-Home Willerby (4 to 6 people)

Chalets in the Camp Site

There are various prices according to the size and type of accommodation hence it is best to check with the Rene Oltra website if you are considering staying on the campsite. You will find though that the main choices listed on the Rene Oltra site are:

  • Chalet Olympe (2 people)
  • Chalet Apollon (2 people)
  • Chalet Neptune (4 people)
  • Chalet Zeus (6 people)

If you want to stay the cheapest way, then simply renting a camp spot is probably your best option. If you wish to book a place to stay in the camp site, you can head to our page on how to book for the camp site.