Cap d'Agde Village Resort.

Cap d’Agde 2018 Summer Season

It’s time for Cap d’Agde 2018 and time once again to start booking for the summer season. First though, let me update you on all of the goings-on in the winter time and to let you know what’s new at the resort!

Overview of Cap dagde resort

Residence Nautilia

The big news is that the old foam party area in front of Le Glamour having been knocked down last season is now being developed on and will become Residence Nautilia which will be some of the most expensive accommodation on the resort.

Expect to pay Euros 550 a night in the peak of the season (you can book an apartment elsewhere in the resort for a third less – learn more here). I will let you know when I hear more. The foam parties ARE still on but they have moved to the other side of the Le Glamour building and into what feels like a smaller and more restricted area.

Johnny Wokkers is now called Ô2 BïZouX

Johnny and Jenny sold up and no longer run the one English run bar in the resort.

Wokkers Bar is no longer as the name has now also changed to, wait for it, Ô2 BïZouX. It’s quite a mouthful to remember that name! It is now being run by a friendly French couple and food has been introduced to the bar.

Beach vollleyball

Driving from the UK

Roadrip for Cap d’Agde 2018

Tips and Advice: (Peter G) – I have driven to the campsite many, many times in the resort given that I go every year, towing a caravan. I have found the best way is Dover- Calais ferry onto Rheims, Dijon, Lyon avoiding Paris. From here in North Londo,n it’s about 730 miles. Motorway all the way (which you have to pay for) but well worth it as you don’t get lost,  in fact, it’s almost a straight road and very little traffic.

Going Via Paris is a headache and down the A75. I do not like the A75 as I think the hills are too steep,  particularly going downhill and too many lorries. Plus you have Paris to negotiate. One year the SatNav took me down a one-way street,  towing a caravan and it was starting to get very narrow!!! Paris is best avoided at all costs. Going the A75 way is about 50 miles less but you gain the time back with the lack of traffic and the saving on fuel compared to stop-start driving going around Paris.

Driving through France to Agde for cap d'agde 2018

Another great option is Newhaven to Dieppe – avoiding the ghastly Dover/Calais shambles. Then Rouen – Chartres – Orleans – Clermont Ferrand and down the A75. The A75 is free of course and the total cost on that route comes to about 30 Euros. The 23:00 ferry from Newhaven gets you into Dieppe early and the trip can be done in 10-11 hours (including toilet breaks!)

(Mary and Peter): We’ve also driven to Agde a few times in my camper van, including last summer. I usually take a few days either side to do it as there are lots of other places to see and visit in France. Cost wise in fuel I reckon about 450 Euros return but that’s in a massive camper van (it might be slightly more!) I would advise to watch out for the toll roads.

They are lovely to drive on but can be quite expensive, so it is definitely worth planning a route in advance. I probably did about 150 euro in tolls last summer which I’m not sure is worth it unless you can do toll road speeds comfortably (80mph speed limit but people ten to treat that as a minimum!) I set my cruise control at 75 mph and feel like I’m going too slow!

We agreed to avoid Paris as there are lots of low tunnels which you will not be able to go through with a caravan as they are around 2m high!

I also ended up in residential Paris because of this.

I personally like the A75 from Clermont Ferrand.

The drive through the mountains is beautiful and you reach an altitude of around 3000ft before you need to drive down the other side. You instantly feel that it is warmer and it is this point that you know you are getting near Agde!

Furthermore, the Millau Viaduct is stunning and is well-worth trying to include en-route if you possibly can!

It is the tallest bridge in the world and is definitely worth a look. If you’re in a decent car without a caravan and want to get there quick, use the toll roads and there are plenty of beautiful places to stop for lunch etc. From Calais would estimate 10 hours straight so it’s a fair drive!

Cap d’agde 2018 Hotel Bookings

Bookings can now be made!!!  The main hotels inside the resort are:


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